Smart Bomb


I don’t think people have gotten the whole concept of the handheld platform as we seem to be expecting revolutionary titles to come to the PSP, when in reality they aren’t going to be in comparison to their console counterparts. What you are going to find more of are short and sweet games, and one of the core genres for that is in the puzzle genre, which to be honest hasn’t been looked at all that much so far in the PSP lifespan. Well today we got the opportunity to check out one of the first few puzzle games and it’s Smart Bomb for the PSP. So does this puzzle game make you want to run out and buy it? Read our full review to find out!


The thing I have found with puzzle games over my years in this business is that they are probably the most hit or miss genre out of them all. You either have a great puzzle game that everyone loves, or you seem to have one that no one likes. So what is Smart Bomb a great one or just one that everyone is going to want to pass up?

Smart Bomb is a puzzle game through and through, and to be honest it’s not a very good one. The whole purpose behind this game is to defuse bombs, and although this sounds like a great idea, the actual execution of this is not all that commendable. The game first and foremost is downright hard, and it’s not that the puzzles are all that complex. It’s just the gameplay doesn’t really work in a manner that makes it easy on the player. The controls for me felt extremely awkward and could have been done in much better fashion.

The game tries to mix up the action on the screen by taking different approaches to defusing the bombs, but for the most part they all end up playing about the same. This feature is a strong one as it makes it a little less repetitive knowing that you have different ways of going about the puzzles. However, no matter what different way the game approaches it, it still seems to me plagued with the same problems.

There are some multiplayer options in the game but they are not even worth going over, as they don’t do anything to help this game. In fact it seemed from my experiences with the multiplayer that they kind of just through this part of the game in in order to sell some games rather then actually making it a worthwhile mode to use.

Overall the gameplay in Smart Bomb is poorly constructed. It’s much too frustrating, and it just doesn’t feel complete. The puzzles in the game don’t seem like they had the proper development time to really grow to their full potential. Instead we are left with a game that has potential but fails to grab onto any of it.


I am sure you thought that since I pretty much bashed in the gameplay that maybe the visuals in the game would be a better venture for the game. Well in fact this is also a huge problem point for Smart Bomb as this is by far the worst looking PSP game I have set my eyes on yet.

First and for most everything in Smart Bomb looks plain and lacks any sort of originality. There is really a lack of clarity in the game that hurts the overall experience, because there are times you can’t always figure out what’s going on, on the screen. There are even some frame rate issues that happen in the game, something that should not be a problem in the puzzle genre.

Fun Factor

Quite simply Smart Bomb was one of the least fun experiences I have had with a game in a long time. I say this because I see a game that at the start seems like a good idea, and at the end left me feeling like I never want to even attempt to defuse a bomb again. The game can never get its feet off the ground and therefore we are left with a game that is not only frustrating but it’s not even worth wasting time on.


Smart Bomb for the PSP had a good idea in that defusing a bomb seemed like it would be an exciting adventure, but the execution of this concept was really quite poor. Unless you enjoy poorly developed games that make you frustrated right off, then you can probably just let this bomb go off and move on to other games. This one is probably not worth your time.

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