Smash Hit Plunder Review

What's better than breaking stuff? Breaking stuff without consequences! Smash Hit Plunder for PlayStation VR lets you break everything you can get your virtual hands on, and it definitely is as fun as it sounds. Roam around a castle alone or with friends, and smash everything you see in order to find all the coins you can.


Set in Castle Carvasso, this medieval tear-it-up will see you smashing, throwing, and fighting ghosts to find your family's hidden fortunes, and win back their home they had lost. The full campaign will place you as a mage fresh out of the magic school, and you'll be tasked with paying off the magical debt collector that wronged your family, all to reclaim your heritage.

The first thing you'll notice about Smash Hit Plunder is the graphics, and rightly so. The game brings amazing and simple-yet-brimming 3D environments to life with a pixelated art style, and it works wonderfully. The colorful and charming visuals will make you feel like you're stepping into one of your favourite old-school games. I spent a good while looking around the various rooms you can enter in each level, admiring their scale and style.


The second thing you'll notice is a box or jar in front of you. Then, with no instructions, you'll do everything in your power to break it. Whether it's the game design or basic human instinct, no object will likely survive being in a room with you for a matter of minutes, and that's what it's all about. Well done Triangular Pixels, you bring out the rage in us, and we thank you for it!

So, once you've submitted to your initial temptation of anger and chaos, you'll be welcomed to the game's charming mechanics and progression. Your magical, ghostly grandmother will begin to walk you through the controls, letting you know how to get about with either a Dual Shock 4 or Move Controllers. This is vital to get right, as you will need to move around quickly to beat many of the game's timed trials. Luckily, the controls are simple and there are plenty of options you can adjust. Even when using Move Controllers, the fluidity of movement is intuitive, but you have an option to achieve minimal motion sickness, should you need it.


As for the progression, you will work your way through different levels while breaking everything you can to achieve a high score. Smash pots, throw boxes, and chuck a book at a pigeon, all to get some extra coins. The levels consist of various rooms and designs, so you can wander around grabbing, collecting, and fighting, right before you move on to the next room. I was playing in a chapel room, and saw a door on the side which led to a storage room for pots… and no pots survived. It's always worth exploring for those extra points, as there are secrets and hidden items all over the levels.

As you complete the levels, you will unlock more modes in the game. The single player modes have your typical timed trials, scavenger challenges, and free plays, so there's no shortage of fun to be had there. On top of this, however, there are also local multiplayer. There, up to three friends can join you in the levels, smashing up pots and scrambling around in non-VR, all while the VR player continues as they were. You can work cooperatively, or go head-to-head and compete for a place on the worldwide leaderboards.


Now, let it be said that you do need a fair amount of safety room in order to get the full experience out of this game. You'll want the PlayStation camera to see you reaching up high, and down to the ground. You'll also need space to fully pelt a pot at a brick wall, all without breaking your TV - or your friends, for that matter.

Whether you're in for the full campaign, fun with friends, or just want to smash some stuff up, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in this charming, rage-relieving adventure. With plenty of settings to assist the motion-sick players, and the option to use a standard controller or Move Controllers, you'll find no problems with accessibility across this vast and hectic game.