Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory


Smuggler’s Run 2 combines elements of Crazy Taxi and The Need For Speed, among other racing games, creating a fun and exciting driving experience that anyone can enjoy. The Crazy Taxi elements stand out the most in this game. Instead of picking up people and dropping them off at their destinations, you pick up contraband and work your butt off to deliver it before the cops catch you. That’s right, in Smuggler’s Run 2, you don’t have the luxury of making safe deliveries. There’s going to be some fireworks whether you like it or not.

Luckily, each of Smuggler’s Run 2’s worlds are filled with rocks, trees, towers and small buildings that can help you escape (if you’re clever enough). Speeding between two trees is a risky move, but if you succeed, any cops chasing you will slam into the trees and explode! Rocks work well too. You can also get rid of cops by slamming on your brakes at the edge of a cliff. The cops won’t have enough time to stop, giving you ample time to make your next delivery before they can drive back up the mountain. That’s what makes Smuggler’s Run 2 so great -- you have cops on your tail throughout most of the game, but the way that you deal with them is entirely up to you.


Graphically, Smuggler’s Run 2 is a step up from the original. There are more trees in this enormous world than ever before. You could drive around for hours and still not be able to count each and every tree. The textures are very smooth -- all of the backgrounds and vehicles are fully rendered and free of those annoying little jaggies. Pop-up is not present in Smuggler’s Run 2 either. The amount of vehicle damage is also impressive. Parts of your vehicle are torn off as you crash into trees, fall off of cliffs, run into buildings or get rammed from the side. Every collision triggers a different damage effect. The vehicles have a damage meter that warns you when your car has been banged around too much. If you ignore the warning and put the pedal to the metal, your vehicle may explode! At the very least, it will stall if you crash again, and if the cops touch you when your car is stalled, the mission ends and you have to start all over again. Because of this, it’s important to hone your maneuverability skills so that you can swerve in and out of tight areas without making a mistake.

Fun Factor

Is Smuggler’s Run 2 fun to play? You’d better believe it! Crazy Taxi is great, but it only has one goal. Most of the people are found at the same location each and every time you play, and they ALWAYS want to go to the same places. Smuggler’s Run 2 has more variety, giving you levels where you have to pick up contraband while it’s being dropped out of a plane; give some illegal packages to your helicopter-riding buddies before the fuzz arrives; race a vehicle that’s considerably faster than you and much, much more!


Smuggler’s Run 2 lives up to the hype and laughs in its face. Rockstar Games is the king of driving games, there is no doubt about that. First Smuggler’s Run 2, then Grand Theft Auto 3. Rockstar is such an awesome developer that the popular punk/rock band Sum 41 have a Rockstar Games poster hanging on the ceiling in their new video! Who doesn’t love these guys? They’ve always had the dedication necessary for making a classic game and it shows. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got cooked up for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 this fall.