Spy Hunter


There is more action in one of Spyhunter’s levels than there is in all of the levels in most games. I was hooked from the moment I started playing. I had a lot of fun last year, but most of the games released in 2001 were a little too familiar. So many of them were merely expansions or extensions of the previous release. One game that doesn’t fit in that category is Spyhunter.

Spyhunter may be a sequel, but it feels like a whole new experience. The new objectives, the superb layout of the levels, the vehicle transformations and all of the cool new weapons and gadgets are just a few of the things that I love about this game. It’s like Golden Eye 007 on wheels!


Spyhunter is a terrific looking game. The framerate is high and never drops. All of the backgrounds fly by at an impressive pace. Speaking of backgrounds, look at all the detail! Trees, buildings and street signs are littered throughout most of the game, but what really impressed is how many excess objects have been added to the Spyhunter world. As you speed by the various cafes in the city, you’ll notice several tables and chairs set up outside, all of which can be shot or ran over.

Every vehicle is destructible, whether it’s parked in a garage, holding things up in traffic or attacking you from behind (indicating that an enemy is in the driver’s seat), etc. All of the buildings are packed with realistic textures that give Spyhunter a polished look. Screenshots do this game justice -- you’ve got to play it to believe it.

Fun Factor

Spyhunter is one of the most entertaining driving games ever made. I had fun just cruising around and blowing things up! The best part is when you actually complete the missions though, all of which have several objectives that must be completed if you want to beat the entire level. Objectives range from destroying helicopters and transport trucks, to placing special trackers on cargo ships and avoiding civilian casualties, among other things.

There is so much to accomplish in this game that it would be impossible to do it all at once.


Spyhunter’s excellence can be summed up in five words: action, action, and more action! I knew that most of the games I played in 2001 would end up collecting dust once the new year arrived, but I was certain that there would be at least a few games worth playing months after their release. One of those games was Spyhunter. I couldn’t have been more right when choosing that game. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite games on the PlayStation 2. It’s sure to become one of my favorite games on the Xbox and GameCube as well when Midway releases Spyhunter on those platforms later this year. If you’ve got a PlayStation 2, don’t wait for the other versions.

Spyhunter is an awesome game that no one should miss. I recommend that you buy it immediately.