Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly


The Playstation console was really the start of some great series. One of those series that I was never really a huge fan of but had a great following was Spyro. If you haven’t seen Spyro he is a little friendly dragon that roams the world.


Spyro was really one of the games the Sony was really trying to get a character as their mascot. Spyro was one the characters that was widely considered as a heavy contender for that prestigious title. Surprisingly there haven’t been any installments of the series on the PS2 until now, when Universal Studios takes the title over and tries to bring back the greatness of the series.

The Spyro series has always had some very basic storylines that really didn’t have much impact on the game. This really holds true in this installment of Spyro. For the most part the story line is really just out of play, and doesn’t hold a heck a lot of meaning. Really.. the whole object of the game is to save the dragonflies.

After the initial cut-scene you are off to the races where you are in for one struggling experience. Right from the get go, you will find that Spyro does not move very fluidly. While moving around the various levels there really are a lot times where I feel like throwing the game out the window.

If you last more then ten to twenty minutes, you will find some many bugs in the game that you are bound to start seeing several little problems that really add up. For example when you try to talk to a character if it does not already automatically pop up and start talking to you out of nowhere you have to get in a specific spot in which you have to get to talk to another character.

The only decent thing I could find in regards to Spyro’s gameplay would be the level design, which is really nothing special but it mirrors that of the previous games.

Spyro controls very easily. They are pretty basic because it matches that of most platformers. So you shouldn’t have any problem getting into to the game and jumping around.

Easily the sound is the only part of the game that I can even give a decent praise. The sound is refreshingly smooth and comforting which helps keep you from throwing the game out. The sound effects are also nice and refreshing for the most part every sound like it should.


If I had to pick which category of the game was the worst it would have to be the graphics department. To be honest the graphics just look like an upgraded Spyro for the Playstation and not the PS2. Spyro himself looks decent enough, but everything else just looks poor.

The levels layout are not the problem, the problem is how everything looks throughout the game. Everything from the shrubs to the larger plants and areas just not up to what we should be looking at on the PS2.

Fun Factor

Probably the easiest portion of the review would have to be the Fun Factor. For the most part I can answer the question of if this game is fun, and I could simply say No. There is nothing new to be found in this Spyro addition. In fact I found that playing the older version of Spyro had a lot more to them then this edition of Spyro. What really holds the game back is not so much the graphics so much but the gameplay is just not up to par compared to other platforming games on the market.


Spyro was one of those games I really had my doubts even before I got to the game, and when I did eventually got to playing this one I felt that this was just a game that should definitely be overlooked. If you are looking for platforming fun then just look elsewhere as there are now tons of quality platformer around like Sly Cooper or Ratchet & Clank. Even fans of the series should stay away from this one. Move on.

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