Star Ocean: Till The End of Time


Whenever you get a game released with the Square Enix label you know there is going to be plenty of hype surrounding it. Not only do they seem to manage to always create enjoyable gaming experiences but have always done a great job of making games feel like you are actually apart of them. Now Square Enix has teamed up with Tri-Ace to bring back their popular space RPG, it’s Star Ocean: Till The End of Time for the PlayStation 2.


I remember hearing about Star Ocean: Till The End of Time a long, long time ago. And it just never seemed as though the game was ever going to get completed. Well finally after several years of delays, questions, and hype, the game has finally been released to the US market on the PlayStation 2 console.

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time takes place in Hyda IV, a vacation spot with beautiful beaches, and plenty to do. Everything is going well until the world comes under attack by enemy starships. The storyline behind Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has its ups and downs. The voice acting that comes along with the cut scenes is just plain bad, and really kills the whole mood of the game. The story on its own seems like it has enough but there are times throughout that don’t make you all that excited to keep on playing.

One thing I am a huge fan of in Star Ocean: Till The End of Time is the 3D fighting system that is done all in real time. This is something that I believe more and more RPGs should use as it really a whole lot more entertaining. Moving on, you have four standard attacks to begin with. You have your strong and regular attacks, which can be used at close range and from a distance. The strong move takes a bit of time to power up, but also unleashes a lot more damage.

Like in most RPGs the farther you go into the game the more skills you will learn, and the harder the enemies become. The strategy involved in Till The End of Time is different then many RPGs, in which you really need to control all three players at one time. You can toggle between your characters by using the shoulder buttons, which allows you to take control and beat up on your opponents pretty easily. One of my favorite things about the game is that it moves at such a fast pace that there really is no time to just sit around and wait. So this means there is not so much of strategy on how to take down your enemies but instead with whom shall you use to take them down with.

Also your characters can only get a certain amount of points to increase their stats with, so one of the biggest strategy you have to develop during the game is to figure out which character gets what points and what areas are getting those points.

Going through dungeons is something you will be doing often in Till The End of Time. You will have plenty of chances to find keys, unlock doors, and complete puzzles. The dungeons can become quite difficult later on in the game, where dodging enemies will become a must, and saving your health will also be a necessity.

What is great for us who live in North America is that we are actually getting the Director’s Cut of the game. This means that Star Ocean: Till The End of Time comes with some more cut scenes, addition characters, and a versus mode that can be unlocked.

Overall this is one of the better RPGs over the past year or so for the PS2. Although it is not without its shortcomings, the game has enough to offer in the gameplay department to keep many RPG enthusiasts happy for quite sometime.


One thing I have noticed about most of the recent RPGs that have been released, is that they all have had their own unique styles. When I say that, I mean the Square Enix usually has quite a few different styles in which there games come in. So how does Star Ocean: Till The End of Time fair? It’s pretty good.

Visually Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has a very ’anime’ sort of look to it that could have been done in a lot nicer fashion. I am not saying that the game is necessarily a bad looking game but there isn’t a whole lot of expression or detail placed on any of the characters. The environments fair a bit better then the character models do, in that the colors of the game seem a whole lot richer, and the amount of detail seems a lot higher.

Overall Star Ocean: Till The End of Time’s graphics seem to have a mix of good and bad that ends up averaging out to an average looking game.

Fun Factor

The one thing that I really enjoyed about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was the battle system. I thought the pace on the battle system was perfect, and more games should be moving towards the real time battle systems. Now this is not to say that the whole game was a lot of fun as there were many instances that the action seemed to be a little sluggish, and the story had a tendency to drag. But overall Star Ocean: Till the End of Time had a lot more fun times then not.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is one of the best RPG to make it to the PS2 this year. And although there haven’t been many, any RPG fan needing a new game for their PS2 should definitely go pick up Star Ocean: Till the End of Time as it has plenty to offer you.

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