Star Wars: Battlefront


The Star Wars universe has been one with plenty of ups and downs in the gaming industry over the past few years. We have seen some great titles and some less impressive ones. With that being said the hype residing behind Lucas Arts latest Star Wars: Battlefront has gotten many wondering if this is the next great Star Wars game. So is this the next great one or are Star Wars games taking a turn for the worse? Read our review to find out.


When I heard about Star Wars: Battlefront around a year ago, I remember sitting there thinking this could really be a great Star Wars game. Created with the same sort of premises behind that of Battlefield 1942 & Vietnam they could really create a very exciting Star Wars game. When you sit there and think about the possibility to use the Star Wars characters and vehicles in a Battlefield format you can just smell the possibility.

Star Wars: Battlefront is more of a multiplayer based game rather then single player, but Pandemic Studios did try to offer enough single player action to keep everyone happy. The single player modes that are involved in Star Wars: Battlefront include the Historical Campaign which allows you to which lets you take part in some of the most important battles either the Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War. You do get a short clip before each battle, which tries to add some story into the game, but to be quite honest there is nothing overly exciting in that regards. In fact many of times the clips have no real meaning or purpose of being in the game. All of the maps or levels in which you take part in will be filled with enemy bots, which have pretty mediocre to average AI. If you have any experience playing shooters you will have no problem taking full advantage of these enemies. Your teams AI fair a lot better as they are known to throw you health, and ammo, as well as follow a few simple commands.

The Galactic Conquest mode is by far the better of the two modes, as you must do battle on a number of different planets and win to you gain control of it. When you capture a whole planet you end up getting a bonus that can be used in battle. This is by far the better of the single player modes, but if you ask me once you play these modes for an extended period of time they start to drag on a little bit.

Like I mentioned at the top of the review this game was created for one reason and that was for the multiplayer. The PS2 hasn’t had an overwhelming amount of shooters hit its online service, so it was nice to see Battlefront offering the online mode. When you get yourself online you have the option of creating a match, quick match or an Optimatch. While playing on the PS2 online version of Star Wars Battlefront I came to realize that sixteen people over the PS2 just don’t seem to be enough. First off trying to find a game with that many players that ran smooth was a whole lot easier said then done. For the most part though the games in which you will play in are a whole lot of fun except for one minor problem. A little thing called "auto aim". When players have this feature turned on, it can be way too easy to take down opponents. This is something that really takes back the game a bit but ends up not being as good as it could have been.

When it is all said and done and the hype wore down, the true colors of the game came out, and for the most part there were more positives the negatives. As I played online the competition was great with the auto-aim turned off and the single player is at least interesting for a while. What is nice about Battlefront is that there are not a whole lot of online shooters out on the market for the PS2 and this game does a nice job of filling the void. Although it is not as good as it could have been the action in Battlefront is good enough to stay interesting.

If you ask me Battlefront has the potential in the gameplay department to go all the way, but there are just some minor issues in the game with the poor AI, that really hold the game back from being great.


One of the biggest things that it seems developers have been having problems with in their games on the PS2 is really taking full advantage of the system’s hardware. Many companies as of late seem to have hit a roadblock and haven’t been creating the best looking games out there, so does Battlefront make the grade or is it a failure?

When I look at Star Wars: Battlefront I look at a game that has a whole lot of potential and converts on most of it. As I look at Battlefront one of the most impressive parts of the game is the maps, which have so much attention to detail. There are so many things flying around and blowing up in the game that the environments really seem to hold up quite well. The character models are what you have come to expect in the Star Wars series, which is a distinct Star Wars look that works pretty well with the game. I would have liked to see more detail placed on the character models though.

The one downside to the visuals of Star Wars: Battlefront is the frame-rate, which seems to drop in heavy action situations. It’s not a dramatic drop but it is quite noticeable nonetheless. Overall the visuals of Star Wars: Battlefront seem to be quite average when you combine everything together.

Fun Factor

Right from the beginning of the game you will see that the game has a whole lot of potential to be something great, but in the end it seems to fall short in some areas. The gameplay of Battlefront does have a lot of similarities to the Battlefield 1942 series, in that the game plays in the same manner. The online play of Battlefront seems to be something that will improve over time, as more and more people will start to turn the "auto aim" feature off. When you do find a good game of Battlefront you see the Star Wars world at its top. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen all that often.


With all the hype behind Star Wars: Battlefront many may wonder if it was worth the wait. I believe that it all comes down to one thing, and one thing alone, if you are searching for an online shooter for your PS2, then yes, this game will do the trick. But for those of you avid Star War fans who were expecting something spectacular this one just doesn’t have all the right ingredients.

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