Star Wars: Starfighter

Star Wars: Starfighter


Star Wars Starfighter takes place during the events of Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace. The difference is that this story is more of a side story rather than the new main story. It follows 3 very different and all equally thin characters they are Rhys Dallows, who fills the role of new rookie hotshot. Vana Sage is basically the strong-yet-soft female that every game , movie and book features in some form or another, and Nym is the bad guy with the golden heart. Eventhough all these characters are paper-thin, the story really does make sense and by the end of the game, you’ll likely feel that these guys have done more for the goodguys than Qui Gon Jinn and Obi One Kinobe put together. But that’s just my feeling on it.


This is where I had my doubts about Star Wars Starfighter, but I was pleasantly surprised with the overall simplicity of the controls. The game uses your standard flight game control - you got the boost, brake, auto target, and fire buttons. Nothing shocking there. The real surprise is how easy every thing is to learn. The average gamer will feel right at home after 20 minutes of non-stop playing, which scores high on my playability rating. The bonus missions really add a lot of replay value, and the 2 player mode is OK for a while. I myself enjoyed the Art Galleria feature. The best star fighter also gives you bonus objectives to complete in order to gain special medals which also creates a good amount of replay value.

The only real complaint about the game play is the auto targeting, which forces you to hit triangle whenever you want to change targets, and sometimes you’ll have to press triangle 30 to 40 times to lock on the enemy you want. In my opinion there is no radar in the game - I mean they say that the little thing at the bottom is radar, but I say they’re crazy.


Wow! This is where you honestly get to say those words. PS2 rules! I mean the faces on these character in the FMVs are simply amazing and very realistic. This game really shows what the console can do when it come down to graphics. The sound is also very powerful and clear, although it could have been better if Lucasarts made it available in Dolby Digital. The in-game graphics are fantastic, as well as the frame rate which moves at a nice pace. Not once in single player mode did I experience any slowdown, not even when I would crash the Naboo n-I which looks better in this game than it did in Episode 1. The environments are truly a sight to behold - they’re some of the best work ever done. The 2 player mode features a different story where everything takes a slight dip. But even then the loading times are kept toa reasonalble level, compared to some of the other games available now. Fun Factor

This game is more fun than pulling off yoda’s robe. Well, not that much fun, but close. Star Wars Starfighter offers some really solid gameplay and a heap of bonus missions and other surprises. I already told you about most of them, so play it yourself and seek them out. Also, the nice simple control ties the game up really nice and adds to your enjoyment of the game.


Overall, Star Wars Starfighter is a visually pleasant and fun game that a lot of ps2 owner have been waiting for. Despite some paper thin characters, and no radar (I don’t care what Lucas or the manual say that aint radar), you should buy this game if you like Star Wars or you’re into flying games. Conversely, you should not buy this game if you hate Star Wars (can’t imagine why) or if you hate games with no radar.