Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Wow there have been quite a few Star Wars games in the past few years, and when you think about it, none of them have been very spectacular. In fact, most of the games have just been mediocre. Clone Wars attempts to try to break the trend with the latest Star Wars game, Star Wars Clone Wars.


Lucas Arts did a lot with the Star Wars Episode 1 title that I found quite hard to work with. You’re taking a pretty poor movie (in my opinion) and trying to make good games for it, and that in fact just didn’t work. Episode 2 though was a much better movie therefore we should expect some much better games, well we can only hope.

The game combines both air combat with ground combat. For the bigger portion of the game you will be in the air. While up in the air you will be given various crafts that you will use to complete your missions. Each craft has its own specific feel to it, and they all have their ups and downs. Some are quick but weak shields; others are slow but like tanks. So you will really be able to see clear-cut differences between the crafts.

For the most part the combat up in the air is pretty straightforward and easy. You are to kill everything in site, either defending something, or on the offensive side taking out key areas, that is needed for you to be successful in your missions. You would think this would get old after a while but in fact stays quite intriguing throughout the game. This is one of those games that you could be shooting things for thirty minutes and it only feels like five minutes. Many times I found myself getting really into the combat, because it can be so fast and furious, it is hard to go wrong.

For the other portion of the game you will be on land with your light saber, and one day I know they will make a game that really does justice to the saber, but that day is definitely not today. While on the ground the gameplay is pretty poor. Although I still find joy in playing with the saber, it makes me laugh how poor everything feels on the ground. To me it still feels like the game is still in development on the ground, because it is just missing some key variety elements that would keep the ground missions interesting for more then five minutes. So, yes, you get to use a saber, and yes you get to use the force, but the gameplay is just not cutting it.

The game controls are extremely simple and straightforward. If you had played Jedi Starfighter then you will have absolutely no problem playing the flight missions. As for the ground missions, the controls feel somewhat un-responsive, but aren’t that hard to get the hang of.

Star Wars games usually have above average soundtracks and in Clone Wars this is no exception to that. The soundtrack sounds exactly like you would expect a Star Wars game to sound. With John Williams composing this soundtrack, I really have no complaints. The fact that there is no surround sound support is quite disappointing, because that could have really made the game sound and feel much better.


This is one of those games that does a great job of making things look great, and then on the other hand make things look terrible. At the first glance of this game I was really impressed, I saw beautiful vehicle models, and what looked to be great looking environments.

Well I was correct in my first assumption; the vehicles do look very nice. Each vehicle has their own unique look that is very detailed and excellently drawn out. What is also very impressive about the vehicles appearance is that they still look impressive during heavy fight scenes when there is a lot going on.

On the other hand I was totally off on my second assumption, this is just a poor looking game (aside the vehicles). All of the environments are very plain and just boring, they really could have used a lot more detail, and it just isn’t as sharp as you would hope.

What makes all matters worse is when you are on the ground. The gameplay is bad enough (as you will find later on in the review) but the graphics on the ground are just horrific. The character models could use a "huge" upgrade. I am not sure what they were thinking. The game also feels extremely choppy when playing on ground, and has some poor points when above the air.

Overall this isn’t the worst looking game in the world, but when it comes to Star Wars game I have come accustom to fine looking games, but this is definitely not one of them.

Fun Factor

Do you like Star Wars? Well right there will adjust the score of the fun factor of the game right of the bat. I am not a big Star Wars fanatic, I just find the movies to be entertaining, and with that being said, Clone Wars was also amusing. I really enjoyed doing the flight missions, but the ground missions, just hurt the game extremely in the long run.


This is not a bad game, this is a game that needs work, but has a lot of potential. The flight missions are above average, and this is not a short game by any means. Each mission has extra objectives that you can try, and as you get on the higher difficulty levels, you will find even more action. I would only recommend this one though to the Star Wars enthusiast who are ready for another game to add to their Star Wars library.

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