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Starsky & Hutch

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


TV Shows turned into video games have basically been just as bad as movies turned into video games. For one reason or another, they just very rarely seem to work. Gotham Games has teamed up with Empire Interactive to try and bring back the fond memories of the hit TV show Starsky and Hutch and create a video game for it. One the face of the game it looks like the show could be turned into a pretty interesting game, but the execution is just not all there.


There are some things about Starsky and Hutch that make you wonder what the developers were thinking, and there are others where you commend Empire Interactive for creating some new and exciting features for the game. When you look at the game at a whole, you’ll find that it lacks depth expected by gamers these days.

There are only a few different game modes to choose from in the game, which include Free Roam, Story Mode, TV Special, and Multiplayer. Although there aren’t a whole lot of modes to choose from, each mode has quite a bit to offer and could easily keep you occupied for quite some time.

The story mode, which would be considered the main mode of the game, really doesn’t contain the hook or appeal that we would come to expect from a normal story mode, but instead keeps things rather simple. I would think with an entertaining show such as Starsky and Hutch you would be able to get more into the story mode. Never in this mode will you feel like you have accomplished anything, and never do you feel like you are actually doing what the duo had done in the TV shows. Instead the story mode sticks with a pretty plain approach that gets a repetitive feeling after only a little time of play.

If you were wondering what this game is all about, it’s quite simple. You drive around a Ford Tarino (yes it has the red and white paint job) and shoot things. That is all you do, drive and shoot, and that’s basically the whole idea behind the game. And as much as we have seen the driving and shooting style work in other games, it just fails to keep you interested past the first initial go at it.

The actual drive and shooting mechanics are really not that bad. As you drive you will auto target certain items in which you will shoot, for power ups, health, weapons, and much more. When targeting something you will have the yellow icon first and as you target the enemy for a while it will turn red which will indicate you can shoot for a direct hit.

What ends up happening, is that everything in Starsky and Hutch just has that repetitive feel that dooms the game from the beginning. Even with the little extras placed throughout the game there is just nothing about Starsky and Hutch that will keep things interesting past the half hour mark.

The audio in Starsky and Hutch is rather sad, in the fact that there are only a few sounds in the game, and they are cheesy at best. When Starsky and Hutch do talk it is just downright pathetic, as they have the cheesiest lines, and most of them having nothing to do with what is happening onscreen.


When you look at a game such as Starsky and Hutch you will find that it takes an interesting approach. Starsky and Hutch doesn’t go for perfection, nor does it go for the normal kind of look. With this being said the style of the game looks interesting but there are a lot of problems that plague the game from the beginning.

Starsky and Hutch is a game that is plagued with problems with the frame rate and just other graphical glitches that really hurt the game in the overall perspective. The frame rate struggles to stay steady, and therefore there is a lot of hold up throughout. Along with that issues come, the issue of glitches and these can be found too often whether it is going through walls, or other issues, there is just some major problems you would have hoped been worked out before the release.

Overall the graphics are not all bad, and there are some positives. The look of the game is pretty solid and the Ford Tarino looks as solid as ever. If it weren’t for these problems that plague the game, this would be a nicer looking game.

Fun Factor

Even looking at the cover of a game such as Starsky and Hutch it just looks like it would be a fun game. But after you get into the game, and have played it for a period of an hour or so, you will find that things start becoming quite repetitive and lose the flair of the game. The game could be fun, but only if you could tolerate its repetitive nature.


Starsky and Hutch is one of those games that looks like it might make some noise and be a solid budget title, but instead falls short. For the cheap price it may be worth the purchase for enthusiasts of the series, but beyond that, this is one I would steer away from.

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