Steamworld Dig

Part of the fun of indie games is that even if you miss it the first time around because it wasn't on a console you owned, it'll usually pop up on others if it's had a decent amount of success, even if it was a game that was tied up in exclusivity deals at the beginning. Super Meat Boy came out on PC, Brothers hit everything, even Gone Home has had announcements of other platforms, if your PC was too low spec to run it.

Even though you might not have played Steamworld Dig when it came out on the 3DS, you've since had the opportunities- it's also hit the PC, the PS4, the Vita, and now, it's out on the WiiU. Any of those links will take you right to another review we've written on the game, including one by yours truly, so quality-wise, there's little else to say: a surprising, fun game about mining and upgrading yourself as you discover the remains of a lost civilization and technologies once thought to be lost. Maybe the story doesn't amount to much (and ends on a ridiculous cliffhanger), but it's a good game, and the biggest question then is: will this WiiU version worth your time?

Yo, this version's pretty good. There's very little to say about it because it's all working as intended- you CAN beat the game, I ran into no glitches, visual hitches, or gameplay issues. What else could you ask for?

Oh, right, GamePad stuff. It IS the WiiU version, after all, and it would have been awesome if there was some super cool way it used the GamePad (hold it around to scan for treasure! Ah, no, that's a horrible idea, forget it), instead, they do the expected and give you 3 options to play: whole game on GamePad screen, whole game on TV screen, or a split between them both.

Those first two work as expected, but I also really enjoyed the split between the screens. I don't know how the 3DS used it (I'm assuming that it's pretty much the same), but the GamePad screen gave a much large look at the map, giving an easier look at where there's treasure, acid pools, water, goals, or exits from the mine. Additionally, to get rid of minerals, if you happened to pick up a lot of junk, you can just tap it and throw it out.

There was also a fun Nintendo-themed easter egg that I stumbled on- a little area where you mine coins in a World 1-2 looking area, with blocks that break when you hit them with your head and that regular Mario sound effect. It was a cute little extra, but I doubt that this is worth it if you already own the game. And by now, you have more than enough ways to own it!

That's what it comes down to- we know this game is awesome, so if you don't own it yet, and your excuse was "well I only have a WiiU and I want to play it on that," then pick it up! It's a good version, and it's definitely worth your time!

I'll also add a quick note that I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed playing the game again. While the page for it mentions that the entire underground is randomly generated, it really doesn't amount to much since there are several rooms that are pre-set, and the way you play the main part doesn't really change, but it still felt great to just be digging again. To be going back up and selling and getting more stuff and going down just a littttle further. It sounds repetitive, and it totally is, but there's something to the way you improve and return with the spoils that's highly enjoyable to me. Maybe deep down inside my dream job would have been an isolated miner just going in for a bunch of rocks like at the beginning of There Will be Blood.

If you already own it, I wouldn't recommend picking this up even if you are fancying a second playthrough and own it elsewhere (why waste the money on a game you already have?) but for first timers, go for it. It's fun, well made, and hopefully if it does well, we'll see some sequels set in their weird post-human no-electricity world.