Street Fighter IV


There are very few games that have received as much hype and anticipation as Capcom’s latest installment in their highly popular Street Fighter franchise, then what we have seen for Street Fighter IV. This is a game that has had all gaming outlets pouring out coverage in trying to find out any new details they could about this game. Well the wait is finally over, and the release of Street Fighter IV has occurred, but the real question still remains, was the game worth the wait? Read our full review of Street Fighter IV for the PS3 to find out!


Writing a review for any fighting game can be tough, especially coming from my perspective as a gamer who enjoys fighting games but is not one to really delve all that deeply into them. I would consider myself more of a casual fighting fan rather then the very hardcore audience that has been frothing at the mouth waiting for Street Fighter IV to release. So coming from the more middle of the road crowd, I will give that perspective when reviewing this game.

Having played a lot of Street Fighter II, I can easily see the immediate similarities between the two games. So for those who were big Street Fighter II fans I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will be able to pick up Street Fighter IV with relative ease and at least feel comfortable the games overall scope. I for one really like this move, there was never anything really wrong with the Street Fighter II fighting style, and games to this day have tried mimicking, so keeping with what works seems like a good choice when it comes to Street Fighter IV.

You have both a super and ultra meter that you will have to worry about when fighting along with your normal health meter. One thing I have learned with my time with Street Fighter IV that as much as this game is a fighting game also brings in a lot of strategy to the mix as well. The newest feature that Street Fighter IV brings to the mix happens to be the new Focus system which can stun your opponent leading them vulnerable to following attacks. This combining with classic Street Fighter mechanics really works well for the game.

One of the most impressive things about Street Fighter IV for me is the cast of fighters which is a really great balance of new and old. Of course as you will see online fan favorite Ken is back along with many others from past Street Fighter games as well as slew of new characters which keep things fresh. The balance of the characters you can see was a really concern for the developers and it all pans out to be a very solid ride.

Street Fighter IV like many of it predecessors doesn’t really give much in terms of story but just strings together fights to allow you to unlock all the characters. This is a rather tired method, but it continues to work in this game. I do want to mention though that the difficulty settings in the game seem to be deceiving. I for one just wanted to unlock characters to give them a whirl so I want on the easiest difficulty setting and still found that to be extremely challenging. So for veteran fans looking for practice, the single player works quite well.

The biggest new addition to the game is that of online play which has been a wanted addition to the Street Fighter universe for quite some time. Although I would have liked to have seen a much more complex and well laid out online portion, what was given does manage to work. For the casual player the online play will work perfectly, but for the more hardcore fan I think they will be looking for more. Not to mention that although lag is not really a big problem it still does occur which can be fatal in a fighting game.

When it is all said and done Capcom decided to stick with what worked, and not only does it work but it works quite excellently. New is not always better, and this is a game that proves that you can use an older concept and still make it into a great experience.


I know there has been a lot of controversy over the graphical style of Street Fighter IV, especially when it was first unveiled. But since then the game has really grown on me and now I consider it one of the best looking fighters out there. The 3D character models are drop dead gorgeous with beautiful detail, great use of color and shading, and just a really amazing style. The same can be said about the 2D environments which although in 2D still look quite amazing. What is most impressive about the games visuals is not that they are graphically superior but that they keep with the games previous style and just freshens it up with a really great looking game.

Fun Factor

I am not going to lie, Street Fighter IV can be one of the most frustrating games to play out on the market to date. Being a rather poor Street Fighter player, I had more experiences then I would like to mention with me just getting the bloody pulp beaten out of me. One of the benefits of having reviewed this game a little after the game has launched is that I really got to experience the competition on the PS3, and boy are they good. If you really think your good, go online and I bet you will be humbled by the competition, they are that good.


What is great about Street Fighter IV is that you would never mistake it as anything but a Street Fighter game. Street Fighter IV is one of those games that not only is a blast to play now but still will be 5-10 years down the road. If you are a fan of the series, or are looking to get into fighting games, Street Fighter IV is one of the best we have seen in many, many years.

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