Although the Xbox has been around for a number of years now, the one genre that it still lacks some quality titles is the RPG genre. Apart from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Baldur’s Gate series, we have seen many promise a lot but not come out with great results. Now Microsoft has tried to take matters into their own hands by teaming up with developers Climax Studios to bring us their latest RPG Sudeki for the Xbox.


So many games have set out to do great things on the Xbox and many of them have been flat out bad. Sudeki was one of those games that got a fair amount of publicity and enough notoriety for people to look forward to the release. Sudeki really set out to become a solid RPG to fill the whole that was missing in the Xbox library. Can it do that? Read on and find out!

Right from the beginning, you might feel how ordinary and uninspired the game is. But hang in there, as things do start to become more interesting as the hours roll on. You start as Tal the token warrior of the game, and quickly thereafter you meet up with three others who include the magic skilled Ailish, the scientist Elco, and the intelligent Buki. These characters are found throughout your travels in the game.

This is a game that’s storyline that follows the battle of good vs. evil gig very well. I really can’t give out much of the story without ruining parts of the game so I will just mention the fact that the game has plenty to look forward to and plenty of twists and turns and interesting moments. One of my favorite parts of Sudeki was the storyline, which proved to be quite interesting from start to finish.

The game has a pretty basic character leveling system, which is very similar to almost all RPGs out there today. Your characters gain experience for victories on the battlefield, as well as completed different side quests. With this you will have the ability to place on her base statistics or to purchase a new ability. The choice is yours but you must make sure to choose wisely.

This is the part of the review where I know I will lose some fans and gain some others. The game is not a turn-based RPG but rather a real time RPG. So instead of strategy you will be doing a lot more button mashing in this game. Which in my eyes is a whole lot more exciting. Tal and Buki are your melee fighters, so you will see them get up close and personal with your enemies during battle, whereas Ailish and Elco who use more magical skills will just hang back and hit with long-ranged spells.

Throughout the game all of your characters will get there hands on plenty of different weapons. The game has plenty of assortments when it comes to the weapons that you will be using, and they all seem to be quite interesting. These weapons cannot only be purchased but taken after battles.

So how does the game end up in the long run? Well the combat system works very nicely and the storyline is good. The one thing that is really holding back Sudeki is the mere fact that there is nothing overly interesting in the game. There is nothing in Sudeki that we are going to find new or something we haven’t seen before. Sudeki combines RPG elements that we have seen before. And although it does work nicely in the game it just feels like a game that doesn’t have any big selling factor.

The gameplay itself is solid but nothing more then this. This is not a great game. I like the combat system that is in place but I also wish they could have added some new elements that haven’t been done before. But instead we are left with a decently solid playing RPG.


The RPG’s that have been successful on the Xbox have all been great looking games. With Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic we saw a game that had gorgeous environments and solid character models. So how does Sudeki match up?

There is one word to describe the graphics of Sudeki and that word is colorful. Climax Studios did an amazing job with all of the colors they placed in this game. The game is full of colors, in the environments, the character models; everything about the game has a very light and colorful feel to it. The environments themselves are a mixed bag, some are great, and others are not. I found that the game looked good at times and at other times the graphics could have been better. The character models seemed pretty good, with a fair amount of detail, and all had a very unique feel and look to them.

Overall the game is one good-looking game. There were some areas of the game that could have used some touching up but besides those minor areas the game was very nicely done.

Fun Factor

Sudeki starts off very strong with you meeting the new characters, but the more and more you play through Sudeki the more you wish there was more to the game. The combat system is effective but there is just something missing from the game that holds it back from its full potential. When Sudeki is at its best the game is a ton of fun to play but there are times where the fun just isn’t there.


Sudeki is a game that is solid is all departments. It has some great RPG elements but nothing that is going to catch the gaming market’s eye quite like Knights of the Old Republic. For those looking for a new RPG for the Xbox I would recommend Sudeki if this is your kind of game. For everyone else it makes an excellent rental!

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