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Summoner: A Goddess Reborn

Gamecube, ReviewsJoel Szerlip


It wasn’t to long ago Summoner 2 was released for the PS2. It was not long after when I did hear that Summoner: A Goddess Reborn was going to be released for the Cube, my initial feelings were very excited, I thought they were coming out with another installment of the series. Once I did realize it was PS2 Port with some exclusive features only for the Cube I was initially disappointed, but also looking forward to being able to play through the adventure again.


As you see in the information box Summoner: A Goddess Reborn is an RPG but this is not a turn based RPG but just a combination of an Adventure Title along with a RPG to make the best of both worlds.

You start the game with a brief introduction to the story where you find out that you are the Queen of Halassar. Thousands have fought and died for you. Millions adore you as the goddess Laharah reborn. Your fate is written in the Book of the Prophets. You are the savior of all creation. But your enemies are strong. The King of Galdyr wants you dead. Sinister factions plot your downfall. The armies of Urath march on your borders. You are forced to talk only in short sentences. Below Munari City, the mysterious Unseen weaves a dark conspiracy.

Summoner is one of those games that used its story quite a bit throughout the whole game. As you go through the game you will find the story unfolding right in front of your eye. It’s also quite interesting so once you start this game you are not going to want to put it down.

Like I stated earlier this is not a turn based RPG but more of an Adventure RPG that does some really good things and some not so good things. If you haven’t figured it out by the name of the game, throughout the game you can summon some of your friends to help you take on the bad guys. This can easily be done by pressing the Left Control Pad. Once you summon a partner you have full control over that person while the computer takes over the other characters. This is where the problems begin.

The computer AI is not as responsive as one would hope. Usually one of the reasons you summon a different character is because you need help with a tough enemy. Well you summon the character in which could best defeat this enemy but still wanting some backup from your friends. Well that doesn’t always seem to happen. And when it does it’s really not that helpful. They don’t hit the enemies very often and when they do, they usually don’t continue to do so.

With the flaws aside I still did enjoy the overall gameplay of Summoner. It is fast and furious and in my eye’s it does a lot better of getting the job done then it would have been if it was a turn based RPG.


When THQ announced that Summoner was coming to the Cube one of the thing’s THQ made clear was that Summoner would have a facelift in the graphics department from the PS2 version. So even before I put Summoner in I was expecting some better graphics then the already good-looking game Summoner 2 for the PS2.

Another problem with the graphics would have to be the landscapes. I can understand with a game as large as Summoner you would have to take a little off of it to fit it all on the disc, but I also think they still could have done a much better job with the overall landscapes of the site. They all seem very pixilated and just don’t look very good. In fact a lot of the landscapes start to look the same after a while, which can make you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

On the flip side however, the animations are very impressive, and it seems like everything seems to flow rather smoothly throughout the game. There are a few minor glitches but nothing that’s going to take you away from the game.

Well with all of the talk about there being upgrades in the game, there wasn’t really anything noticeable throughout the game that made there any sort of upgrade compared to the PS2 version. This is not to say that this is a poor looking title but a game that looks exactly as the PS2 version.

The sound in Summoner 2 was that of what you would expect from an RPG like this one. It sort of flows with the game and can keep you going throughout the game. Along with the normal sounds is the voice acting. While console RPGs have long been known to produce mediocre voice acting, fortunately Summoner excels in this area. Summoner 2 continues the tradition and provides with a great and solid voice work. All character’s voice matched their personality perfectly, resulting in some hilarious scenes.

Fun Factor

If you’re a fan of the RPG genre there is really nothing not to like in Summoner A Goddess Reborn. You got all the RPG aspects you could want and you get some fast paced real time acting with it what could be bad. The story isn’t the best in the world, but it will keep you wondering what will happen next, so for the most part it gets the job done.


Although there haven’t been much updated from this PS2 port of Summoner 2, but for those of you who have not had a chance to try out Summoner 2 on the PS2, then there this is a title that anyone interested in RPG’s should pick up.

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