Do you remember the good old days where you spent hours playing the puzzle games such as Tetris and Dr. Mario, these are the games that really were just one of the most times consuming games ever. One of the close competitors towards the famous Tetris game has always been the great game of Bust a Move. Now Bust a Move has made it’s way on the PS2.


Allright, for those of you that have not played a Bust a Move game, I have one question for you. Where have you been? For those of you that haven’t, here is a brief description of what the game is all about. It is a puzzle game in which you shoot little colored bubbles at other color bubbles. The object is to get rid of all the bubbles by connecting 3+ bubbles of the same color together.

When you first start the game you will notice right away that there really hasn’t been much change from the previous installments of the game. In this version of Bust a Move they really tried to add as much new things as they could, even including a story mode.

Who would have thought a story mode on Bust a Move? Well you got that right, there is really a story mode in the game. The problem here is that the story mode just doesn’t fit into this game. Rather than offer a compelling reason for progressing through the levels, Taito just stitches up few meaningless cut scenes through the game, and call it plotlines.

The best part of the story mode is definitely the Gameplay. The fast paced puzzle game is really at it’s best when you are actually playing. As you move farther through the story mode you will find that the game really starts to become hard, and it will take quite a few try’s to beat some of these.

There is also a multiplayer mode that really is a lot of fun. Get a game going with a friend, and you may find yourself hooked on the game. The multiplayer mode was very well done, and it is really a great mode for the game.

The game’s controls very easily, it is very sharp and responsive. The game’s controls are perfect for the game, so there won’t be any headaches with bad controls.


To be perfectly honest, there is really nothing you can do to make Bust a Move 2 really a hard game to do a bad job on, but at the same time is really a hard game to screw up on. So Taito really didn’t have a lot to worry about when it came to the games graphics, but for what they came up with worked for the game. The colors are nice and bright and the bubbles look very nice. There are really no complaints on the game’s graphics.

Fun Factor

This is probably the easiest part of the review. Is the game fun? YES! The best part of the game is the Gameplay. When this is true then the game is fun. The levels become very challenging in the later rounds, and the multiplayer mode really gives the game a good replay value. You won’t get bored playing this game over and over again.


Ok this game is a very fun game. But like all puzzlers, it suffers from short gameplay and lack of game modes. Other than the Story and Multiplayer modes, there really isn’t much to tempt you to keep coming back to this game. But since it’s available for about 20 dollars, you might be tempted to give this one a shot.

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