Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Baseball has never been a sport I've found entertaining. The game is a little too slow for my taste and seems to drag on a tad bit too long to keep me interested through all nine innings. MLB licensed games also never really caught my attention, but if there is a game that is the exception it's surely Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.

As soon as I started the game I was immediately reminded of the Backyard Baseball series I spent so much time with as a kid. Super Mega Baseball is humorous game. Players have hilarious names such as Holder Close or Molly Pops. Watching players make clumsy mistakes such as slipping on the ground, running into each other, or dropping wide open catches is funny to watch.

The lighthearted tone of the game I found to be really inviting. There aren't any complicated sports aspect such as salary caps, player contracts etc. Developer Metalhead Software has done a great job of making the game accessible to everyone whether you're a baseball fan or not. This accessibility carries over to the field as well. Control are incredibly intuitive. Swinging the baseball bat can be done by simple pressing the X or A button. Running to different bases can easily be done with a press of a button. On defense, gameplay is also just as simple. Frustration is kept to a minimum and mishaps I did have were more comedic than anything else.

The simple controls and streamlined gameplay don't necessarily translate to an easy game. There are 100 "ego" levels ranging from easy all the way to the impossible difficulties. The AI is exceptionally smart on higher difficulties. As of now I have yet to win a game above level 30 ego. When I started however, that number was much lower so watching myself becoming more skilled at the game keeps me trying to improve in any way I can.

The lack of online play hinders the game from being a multiplayer hit. There is couch co-op but adding an online feature would have been absolutely amazing for a game like this. Another notable feature I would have liked to see implemented is create-a-character. The players in the game quirky ways really stood out to me, so being able to make my own crazy character would have been pretty neat.

There are two game modes, exhibition and season mode. I found the latter to be quite enjoyable. In season mode you level up, which in turn allows you to increase your team stats. You can increase ratings such as batting pitching, fielding etc.

Graphically, the games suits the style that Metalhead Software was aiming for. Character models do sometimes repeat and music can get repetitive pretty fast but these were smaller things that didn't really impact the fun of the overall game.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is simply a fun game. There is something here for you whether your looking to find a non licensed baseball game with some depth, or just looking for a quick fun game to pick up every now and then. The lack of online functionality hinders it from reaching its full potential but the humorous tone and simple controls ensure the offline experience is very enjoyable.

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