SX Superstar


Racing titles on the Xbox have been coming in as much as any other genre on the market. There have just been a ton of racing titles released for the Xbox, and most of them have been graphical master pieces but lacking in the gameplay portion. Now Acclaim has tried their luck with a budget ($29.99) motocross title that is actually a pretty good deal for the price.


THQ has really dominated the motorcycle game industry with their MX and Moto GP series. So when we all first heard that Acclaim was going to give it a go, it was pretty surprising. With that being said the game has now been recently released and is actually quite good for the low price tag.

SX Superstar doesn’t host an overwhelming amount of gameplay modes but just the basic Arcade, Championship, and Multiplayer modes. There was no online support given to the game which is not surprising due to the games lower sales tag. But it would however have been interesting if the game was online, because I think it would have been a lot of fun, and would have pushed up the score a little more.

In SX Superstar you basically have your basic modes and then you have the career mode, which surprisingly quite enjoyable. You start of in the bottom of the food chain with a beat up apartment and a 125cc motorcycle. Oh and did I forget to mention your he/she wife that you start out with (i will go into more detail later). So the whole object of the career mode is to win races so you can afford new bikes better housing facilities and a better girlfriend. This is all made possible by sponsors who offer deals to you if you win races.

This leads us to the apartments where you will be spending a good amount of your time. Here you have a fax machine/answer machine where you hear from your agent and as well as possible sponsors. You have the option to accept their proposals or to decline them. One thing I learned is that not to be too picky because you don’t always know the next time your going to get a sponsor, so choose very carefully.

If you looked at SX Superstar on paper the career mode would look extremely short and would not last very long. When you get into the career mode you will find that the career mode is quite hard and is going to take a lot of trial and error. This is really because the game’s course design doesn’t allow much room for error, but it doesn’t give you enough hints as to where the next sharp turn is going to be. There is a green arrow at the top of your screen that is there to guide you on the course, but it does a pretty half decent job. There are going to be a lot of times where you run up the side of walls or just totally wipe out because of the poor directional arrow. The courses also leave a lot of guessing on your part, as to which turns to make and where to go on the more spread out courses. I think this is mostly found in the Baja races where it can just get really confusing.

The feel of the game doesn’t feel as complete as other bike games on the market, but it doesn’t feel awful either. In the end it plays a lot like something you would have expected a few years ago, and is now a little outdated. The controls are very straightforward and allow you to just pick up and play the game.

Another really nice aspect of the game is the multiplayer portion because this is a game that can make for some really good races. Acclaim didn’t do an overwhelming number on the mode but just had the option available. It works quite nicely and I had a lot of fun playing the multiplayer portion of the game.

It seems like the music genre of choice for extreme sports games is Alternative, and you see a lot of it in SX Superstar. What is great about the games soundtrack though is that these are all bands I have heard of and like. The song selections are also impressive and do a great job of keeping you well awake throughout the game. The sound effects in the game are not as good as the soundtrack but do get the job done in a decent fashion.


With the racing titles being released these days it would be tough for SX Superstar to really get much recognition for its graphics. Racing titles have been doing a great job of using the Xbox capabilities to make beautiful games. As for SX Superstar this game shows a turn in the wrong direction.

In SX Superstar you will find right away that you are given a much farther away view then in normal bike games. This also ends up showing a lot of wear and tear on the environments which will end up really hurting the games graphics. The bikes are not overly detailed and look pretty bland. There is not much sharpness and there is really a lack of anything interesting.

The environments are also quite bland and pretty boring to look at. Each course has been stripped down to the bear minimums which really makes the game look quite ugly. There is just not a whole lot of variation or detail put into the game. Overall it’s not an awful looking game, but it’s not anything to be bragging about.

Fun Factor

When I look back at my experiences with SX Superstar I basically see a lot of fun combined with a lot of frustrating times. The directional arrow is the one thing in the game that really was not done well at all. It can be quite confusing because it points to the next checkpoint but the arrow shows you need to go straight through walls to get there. So then you have to take guesses on which turns to take and if your lucky you will take the right one. With that aside I did have fun with the game and I did enjoy going through the career mode. With a nice soundtrack and pretty solid multiplayer mode there is still fun to be had in the game.


If the game retailed at the normal retail price then I would never recommend this one. But for the price you really do get a nice solid motorcycle racing title that will be sure to entertain you for a good amount of time. If you are looking for a new motorcycle game for your Xbox and don’t want to brake the bank then I would say go give the game a try.

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