Days Gone Review

Before I got my hands on Days Gone, I questioned whether or not there would be any new on offer or if it would end up as just another property trying to provide those Walking Dead moments of either gratuitous violence or unneeded sadness. What I played instead was a game that wanted to push past the darkness and see if there was anything left for humanity to live for beyond just surviving.

Days Gone Review


MotoGP experience that we have experienced on the PS2 over the years, you will be disappointed with this game. Otherwise MotoGP is a game that I think is worth checking out as a rental, but anything more seems like overkill.

MX Unleashed

MX Unleashed improves upon a lot of things that were hampering the previous MX titles, but yet there is still room for improvement. Along with the lack of online capabilities, the graphics could use some work, and there is still some tweaking to do on the gameplay. With that being said if your looking for a new MX title for your Xbox I would highly recommend MX Unleashed.