Nintendo DS

Pokemon Black and White 2

After Black and White, in many aspects their most ambitious game, everyone expected a Pokemon Grey to follow shortly afterwards, but the company decided that after putting so much story in Black and White, it would be better for them to pick up said story and continue it from a new perspective two years later. Unfortunately, the sequels don’t capitalize on this as well as they could have, instead delivering a shallow story with no grey areas and putting in place a series of changes that actually get rid of what made the originals special.

Pokemon Black and White 2

Drawn to Life


In the end Drawn to Life may not be the most impressive all around experience, however it is certainly a unique and fun game to play. It gives a rather simple yet effective approach to to a very enjoyable concept. Some will have more fun playing with the drawing aspect and others will enjoy the game for what it is, either way it’s a fun experience.


To my surprise Touchmaster really did capture what a good compilation is made of. While there are some graphical shortcomings, the overall experience still has what it takes to make for a great game purchase. This is not the next big blockbuster on the DS, but it is one that is surely worth a look.