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GRIP: Combat Racing Review

In short, GRIP’s gameplay is a mix of Wipeout and Mario Kart, seeing racers competing against each other on rapidly-changing tracks that can go suddenly vertical, all the while attempting to hit speed boosts and collect power-ups and weapons to best fellow competitors.

GRIP: Combat Racing Review

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

This isn’t a huge leap forward, it is more of a gracious step forward that offers enough to keep the game at status quo. This game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it just improves the wheel to last longer and perform better. If you were a fan of the first make sure to check this one out as well, if not there are probably other fish in the sea.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines

So were you lucky enough to score a PS3 this holiday season? Well if you did, then I would recommend checking out Full Auto 2. I don’t necessarily think it’s a better game than Ridge Racer 7, however it still has a lot of enjoyable qualities that I think the lucky owners of the PS3 should take the time to check out.