Wii Exclusive

Kung Fu Panda

I have to tell you that if you have kids or if you yourself are just a big Jack Black fan and are wondering if your money would put to good use to buy this game I would say it might be a good idea. If your alright with renting the game, it might be a better idea given the games short length, otherwise this really is a pretty solid game that’s worth a look.

Battle of the Bands


This is yet another Nintendo Wii title that had potential to use the Wii capabilities to its fullest but didn’t get anywhere close in terms of execution. As much as Battle of the Bands could have been, it ends up being a game that takes good ideas from other games, adds the very odd weapons, and gives a lackluster performance.

Bomberman Land

I have to say that Bomberman Land for the Wii actually did a lot to impress me. I would warn that visually it’s a pretty lackluster experience. But in terms of the 40+ mini-games, the experience is actually a pretty tight package. If you like Bomberman, there is no reason not to check this game out, it’s a perfect weekend rental.