Tecmo Classic Arcade


It seems that the classics are beginning to make their return onto the current generation of consoles, bringing back memories of some of the finest moments in gaming. Today we are check out a compilation from Tecmo, which had some of the most treasured classics to their name, all unleashed in their latest release, Tecmo Classic Arcade for the Xbox. So does this game make the good old days come back to life? Read our full review to find out!


Like I just mentioned Tecmo has had some of my favorite games in the past, and I have always found this company to be one of the more consistent ones in the video game world. Tecmo has never been known for coming out with a lot of games every year, but it seems like the ones they do always make headlines one way or the other. So what sort of blockbuster titles does Tecmo Classic Arcade hold? Here is a list of the games you get with Tecmo Classic Arcade: Tecmo Bowl Rygar Star Force Solomon’s Key Pleiads Senjyo Pinball Action Strato Fighter Swimmer Bomb Jack Tecmo Cup

The game I was looking forward to the most out of this whole compilation was of course the ever-classic Tecmo Bowl, which was literally everyone’s favorite football game for the NES. I can honestly say I spent just as much time playing that game as I have with some of the newer football games out on the market today. So I put in this game for the Xbox and was ready to relive a classic game when I find that this is not the same Tecmo Bowl I remembered. And then I realized this compilation is not of the same classics that a lot of us would be hoping for.

For those who remember the great old days of Tecmo Bowl for the NES, this experience really just does not feel like that game and it was nowhere near as impressive. Another note worthy game is Rygar, which was also a great NES game but also unfortunately we got the arcade version, which is good but nowhere near as good as the original game on the NES. I think it was just hard to play some of these classics in forms that not only were we not used to, but we weren’t expecting either.

And although the rest of the games in the compilation aren’t really overly notable games, and in fact I am sure a lot of you haven’t heard of most of them there are some interesting experiences to be had with some of those games. I must say with all of this being said the emulation of bringing these games back to life on the Xbox was spot on and I never experienced any problems. The only real issue with Tecmo Classic Arcade is not so much that the game has any problems. It’s just I would have much rather seen Tecmo Classic "Console" rather then arcade, as for the most part arcade games are quick fix type games, and for $29.99, I would have much rather had some more in depth games.


As I mentioned earlier, the emulation in Tecmo Classic Arcade is truly spot on, and really does not have any bugs or issues at all to speak of. I have seen some compilations that have graphical issues, but Tecmo Classic Arcade brings back these old arcade classics back to life in there original form. Although they may not be great looking games, the emulation is good enough that the developers left me with literally nothing to complain about.

Fun Factor

Although Tecmo Classic Arcade is not what I expected, it is still a somewhat interesting experience that has some arcade classics that not only had I never heard of but actually enjoyed quite a bit. With that being said classics like Rygar and Tecmo Bowl just don’t anything like they used to on the consoles and it is really near impossible to feel comfortable with these different versions, especially when you remember such a better game before.


Tecmo Classic Arcade would have been a fine compilation, even with these arcade games had the price been lower. I am sorry you cannot expect to sell eleven, old classic games for $29.99 and expect anyone to be excited about it. I don’t care how great your classic games are, an unwritten precedent has been set for compilations to go for twenty dollars and this extra ten dollars just seems uncalled for. Unless you have to get your hands on this compilation, I would say it is a much better rental rather then a purchase.

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