Tesla Breaks the World!

In this game, you take control of Nikola Tesla, the well renowned inventor and contributor to the modern day electricity supply system, and guide him through several levels of puzzles. Unfortunately, Thomas Edison decided to break into Tesla's lab and damages his recent experiment which causes a quantum space tear. Adding to the confusion are the dead popping up from the ground. It's up to you to confront Edison and figure out how to fix this catastrophe. When starting up the game, a tutorial teaches you the usual stuff. You'll have to figure out what works with your timing in jumping and how to land without falling or getting killed by a zombie. Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily. The controls are annoying as I attempt jumps across areas to avoid zombies and other electrifying obstacles. I'll get into that rant a little later.

The story is pretty loose and I felt that it lost ground. I was more interested in passing the level rather than doing the extra work of picking up items. Also, I think the narrator tries too hard to impersonate GLaDos, as he reminds you that Edison is so much better at everything. GLaDoS' criticisms were written well enough to make sure that you felt every insult. The randomly generated levels grew a bit too random and felt like I was never going to do anything but fail, fall to my death or get hit by a zombie's head.

The controls are a bit weird. I mainly had the use of the arrow keys to move around and the space bar for the occasional jump. Once I had a weapon to dispose zombies with, I had to switch over to the mouse to shoot. That made things completely awkward if I had to jump and maneuver around freshly unearthed zombies. Controls can be unresponsive sometimes, and too often did I continuously fall off a cliff during an attempt to save myself from a zombie in pursuit. The double jump method was okay for a while but having to scale a wall with it proved to be very annoying. It was as if my spacebar said, "Well, it's a lost cause. Why do you insist on pressing me?"

I know I've written about my frustrations with puzzles and how the games that I pick are usually full of them, but this one just made me upset to the point of not wanting to play. The controls were annoying and only pointed out the flaws in my own hand-eye coordination. The idea of having an invention cause more zombies to appear each time it is used only amplifies my frustration. Overall, it's a nice game to play a few times. It's atmosphere is generally nice and appealing, but the repetition of each level grew more and more evident as I progressed. The randomly generated levels did allow you to forget those bad times of falling off a cliff and your space bar not reacting to the jumps that you desperately needed at the time. After dying a lot, I gave up and ended up playing something else.