Test Drive: Eve of Destruction


It has been so long since I remember playing a good demolition derby title. The genre really just started slowly but surely fading out of the gaming world and has nearly disappeared from the gaming world. Well now Atari has teamed up with Monster Games to bring us their latest demolition derby in Test Drive: Eve of Destruction for the PS2.


Back in the early days of gaming the demolition derby games were even more popular. As time passed by the more advanced the games started to become and little by little the game genre went out of sight. Well now Atari has tried to revitalize the genre with this latest addition to the Test Drive series.

Right when you put Test Drive into your PS2 you will find that the game is pretty basic. You have the action mode and the career mode. The action mode is a pretty simple mode that just has you jumping straight into the "action" (what a coincidence) either in the single player or multiplayer format. The action mode is a very straightforward mode that puts you right into the action!

Thankfully with only two modes the career mode is actually a lot deeper then many people would probably expect in a game such as Test Drive. You start out with the bottom of the barrel, a piece of junk vehicle, minimal cash, and a low-end trailer. So it’s then time to go put your pedal to the metal and find yourself some races to compete in. Once you have gotten into the career mode you can start purchasing new cars and move your way on up in the world. Your cars do take a lot of damage in these events, so many times you will have to repair them and/or buy new ones.

Completing this mode is not an easy task. You have many side races and a total of twenty-five main races to compete in. These races can become monotonous at times, and you will get that feeling of, didn’t I just do this? And although this feeling does happen periodically throughout the career mode the side races help to give you a few breaths of fresh air.

Overall I was just satisfied with the career mode. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad at the same token. Monster Games went through some good ideas that I think if they create a sequel for the game will be a winner.

Of course what it all comes down to in games like Test Drive is how they games perform on the tracks. The driving in Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is one that I think had the potential to be great but with the lack of fine tuning ended up just being average. To start with the game controls differently then most other driving games out there; therefore there will be a small learning curve for most everyone. You can see that Monster Games wasn’t going for dead on accuracy with the game but in-between arcade and simulation.

What the gameplay all boils down to in my mind is, do you have the patience to learn the ways of the game. Turns can be quite difficult at first but once you get the hang of the game it can be rewarding.

Test Drive Eve of Destruction has some major ups and downs. The gameplay ends up being just about average with it starting to feel repetitive after a while. The game starts off very strong but the replay value also diminishes as you play the game. Overall the gameplay is good but one without its fair share of downsides.


The one thing I have noticed about all these demolition derby type games is that graphically they have all struggled. I remember the few demolition games on the PlayStation were not easy on the eyes at all. Well with that being said, can Test Drive: Eve of Destruction break the trend?

My first impressions on the game were that it was a pretty average looking game, and as I played through the game more and more my feelings never really changed much. The car models could be a lot better but they do enough to get the job done. The environments in which you drive in are lot better looking then the vehicles of the game but still don’t have a whole lot of room for improvement.

Overall the graphics are good but not great. They are lacking in detail but do enough to get the job done.

Fun Factor

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is a game that is supposed to be all about having fun and for that they have done a decent job. The multiplayer portion of the game is where the game does its best. The career mode starts off really strong but after a while it just starts to slow down and become quite repetitive. The game has its moments but unfortunately it’s not as fun as it could be.


Monster Games did a good job trying to revive a dying genre with Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. For those of you who have been longing a destruction derby game this one will wet your whistle, otherwise this one makes a good rental!

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