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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Very often throughout the year we see games that are based upon children’s movies that have success on the big screen. These sorts of games may rack up the hearts of kids in the theatre, but when they get to becoming a video game, there usually is a pretty big problem. For whatever reason video game developers have not managed to bring the same light-hearted feel to the consoles. Today we are going to talk about not only one of the biggest kid’s movie, but also one of the biggest movies of 2005. The title we are talking about is The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which has been turned into a video game for the Xbox. So is the game as great as the movie? Read our full review to find out!


When you think about this epic tale being turned into a movie that was just an amazing spectacle on its own, but when you think about it being turned into a video game you have wonder what exactly the game will be like. The game tracks very closely to the movie, which is actually very close to the book, so if you have read the books or seen the movies you will know exactly what to expect from this game. The story doesn’t of course give you the full spectacle of the book or movie, but it at least gives those who know nothing about either version to have an idea of what is going on.

Well let’s talk about this game, which actually uses all of the four characters, Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy. The two main sources of attack are the men of the group Peter and Edmund who have much more of an offense while Susan is good with the bow and Lucy is good with the healing. But like I mentioned the two men of the group are going to be your two best friends when it comes to combat, as this is when the game is at its best and this is the way most will prefer to play the game.

The gameplay is really not that varied in terms of the things that you do. In fact I would describe The Chronicles of Narnia as more of a hack and slash style action game, with some platforming thrown in for good measure. The one character that really is not all that fun to play as is of course the youngest of the bunch, Lucy. She just seems very incapable of doing much at all, and due to her limited abilities this of course makes her character a little less desirable to play as.

The one thing I have yet to cover for this game is the two-player mode, which was a good addition to this game. I felt that when I did have a second player to play with, the game definitely felt a lot more entertaining and therefore these were some of the better aspects of the game. However my big question was, why not allow four-player mode? There are many times when all four are available why not let for human characters control them. But nevertheless the game does do well with the two-player mode, and I really enjoyed my time in these portions of the game.

In the end Chronicles of Narnia is just yet another movie to video game translation that decides not to go above and beyond the initial experience. It would have been nice to see the developers bring more innovative ideas to Narnia, with more variety and more variety to the experience. In the end Narnia is just a good solid game that has some great four-player action. It is just a shame that Narnia wasn’t put together an original package that really brought the glory to this game that it deserved.


Visually you have to give the developers credit they definitely managed to bring in the beautiful universe of the movie into the game with one of the best translations I have seen in 2005. When I see how much detail was put into all the environments, I was just amazed at how much detail and creativity went into it all. The character models weren’t as spectacular bringing good but not perfect detailed characters. The animation in the game moved at a very smooth pace and was never an issue. The overall appearance of Narnia is top quality, it’s not perfect, but it is good stuff.

Fun Factor

I was expecting The Chronicles of Narnia to be a pretty lackluster game, but in many ways Narnia did a great job of making the movie and book come to life. The game offered quite a bit of depth, but a repetitive feel to the game does sort of bog things down. I was very impressed with the two-player multiplayer and I have to say those were some of my most entertaining portions of the game. I am a huge fan of the book and movie and the game I enjoyed even if it wasn’t perfect.


The Chronicles of Narnia is really a hot topic in 2005 and the game unfortunately won’t be a huge part of it. This may be a good game but it comes nowhere near the magnitude of how great the book and movie is. If you loved the book or movie give this game a shot, it is cool to take the role of these beloved characters; just don’t expect an epic experience either.

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