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The Con

PSP, ReviewsJoel Szerlip


Since the PSP’s release in March of 2005, the platform has really been moving at a nice smooth rate. However, the platform is still looking for that one standout title that will really bring it to a whole new level. So today we are going to check out one of the latest games from Sony that attempts to try and put the PSP in a league of its own. The game is called The Con, and it comes from Think and Feel Inc., which tries to fight its way to the Number 1 spot.


So what exactly is The Con? We were wondering the same, as the game really did not get a whole lot of hype throughout its development. In fact I personally did not hear much about this game until about a month before it is released, so my guess is many of you are not exactly sure what The Con is. Well, The Con, at its core, is really a street brawler, with a difference. Rather than just fight, you can place bet on your fights, whether on yourself or on your opponent.

Betting is actually a huge part of the game, because you will have to sell your bets and do other things in order to make it a convincing fight, instead of a rigged one. Throughout the fight, you will have a believability meter that basically tracks whether the fight looks rigged or not. So throughout the game you will have to fight in a way that looks believable, while in the same sense allows you to win some cash. The whole betting system is deeper here than any other game. While the whole idea behind the game is really impressive, but can the fighting in the game keep up its end of the bargain?

The game has a story mode where you create three brawlers, each can be given a choice of five fighting styles, from Kick Boxing to Tae Kwan Do. The whole idea behind making three characters is that these three will form your team, and take on other teams in matches. Also similar to other fighting games, you have the options each week to train, rest, or go to the hospital. The whole team aspect to the story mode was a good idea, and I have to say I enjoyed seeing what it could do for the game.

The biggest problem I had with The Con was the fighting, which was decent but nothing more then that. The face buttons are basically all your attack buttons, and it is here that you will be able to string together some custom combos and things like that. The game doesn’t put a huge emphasis on defense, but does allow you to duck and dodge away from enemy attacks. The whole fighting engine is pretty bareboned and doesn’t have a whole lot of complexity to it much like the old Punch Out games. Sure the game has multiplayer (ad-hoc) support for two players, and while this is good, it doesn’t really add all that much to the game. Overall the gameplay is decent enough, but not spectacular.


Visually, the presentation of The Con is nothing overly impressive for the PSP, and looks pretty much like you would expect a fighter to look on the PSP. The character models in the game are a bit sketchy, but have enough detail to make them look pretty good. The environments, although very nicely detailed, aren’t all that varied and kind of lack any sort of originality. The animation in the game is smooth and works well, but then again it doesn’t have a whole lot of variety either. The Con is one of those games that just look like a fighter, nothing more, and nothing less.

Fun Factor

I am a huge fighting fan, especially the brawling type that The Con is attempting to be, and thus for the most part I found myself enjoying this game. The story mode although pretty much lacking any sort of story, is a pretty fun experience that puts quite a bit of emphasis on betting which does separate this game from every other fighter in recent years. The Con is one of those games that most people will enjoy but probably won’t be head over heals as it just never try’s to go above and beyond what is expected out of it and in the sense there are a lot of missed opportunities in this game.


The Con is a solid game all the way around having smooth gameplay, smooth visuals, and an overall moderately fun experience. Fans of fighting games who want to sink their teeth into one on their PSP will enjoy this game for being a good fighter with an interesting betting idea. For those who enjoy fighting games, I would recommend checking out The Con as a rental, as this game is a fun experience that does bring some neat ideas to the table.

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