The Getaway

The Getaway


It seems most of the time the first few months of the year are pretty slow months for the game industry. We normally see very few anticipated games in the first three months of the year. Well this just isn’t a normal January. Sony has released to big titles and for the PS2 and the first is quite impressive, it’s The Getaway and it’s got a lot of things going for it.


Probably the first highly anticipated game for any console this year is The Getaway. What really got people interested in this one was it looked like it might be a better Vice City. Well before I get any farther through this review, I want to make one thing straight, this is not Grand Theft Auto, there are plenty of similarities between the two but this isn’t the same kind of game.

Ok so I have explained that this is not Vice City. What is the game like you might wonder? Well to start with here is a little bit of background on the game. If you are not a fan of games with long movies in between gameplay, and heavy storylines then turn back right now because this one isn’t for you. To put it simply this game is a movie, which you play in. It’s set in London where you witness the murder of your wife and the kidnapping of your child, and it’s your job to get your child back.

There are two sides to the game, the first when you’re behind the wheel, and the second is when you’re on foot either running or attacking.

So you see there are really two different types of missions you will be taking care of. To start with the ground missions, which show a lot of the games flaws but isn’t half bad. In these missions you will be able to pick up a variety of weapons that you will need to complete the missions. Running around is smooth, but the biggest complain I have is the aiming system. Sure Vice City doesn’t have a great aiming system but you would hope Studio Soho would realize the need for a decent aiming system, but in fact they just put a pretty poor one in. The R1 button allows you to auto aim, and you also have the option to manually aim but that is just too difficult to get locked on to you target. So you will most likely be using the auto aim, and the biggest issue is that by the time you aim they have already got a shot off at you and maybe two shots before you actually get to shoot them. That’s not all; the aiming system also doesn’t want to target the right enemies. It seems to target the enemies that aren’t even attacking you yet.

So you have heard my complaints on the aiming, but this is not to say it kills the game. Some parts of the game can be quite fun, some of the shootouts can become quite fun, and then the better part of the game comes, and that’s the driving.

So you’re finally behind the wheel of a car in London, and you might wonder how the driving plays out. Well for the most part it is just impressive. Tired of walking around the city? Just look around for a vehicle that you like and with a press of a button you’re in and driving away. A nice touch is that the handling differs from car to car, so you’ll need to carefully choose one if you’re in a car chase. I feel that the driving missions are definitely a lot more entertaining then the shooting missions. And of course there is nothing like driving around the town and taking in the sites.

So overall there are some problems that plague the games play but for the most part there are more positives in the game then there are negatives, which is always a good song.

The controls of the game are not anything that is going to make you want to throw the game out or anything, but these aren’t the easiest controls in the world. We have already discussed the ground controls, but the cars controls are another thing entirely. They are so precise sometimes you will become frustrated sometimes. Some of the bigger vehicles are just slow, and others are so fast they are hard to control, either way the controlling of vehicles works.

The sound in the game is not going to be anything that is going to knock your socks off but everything sounds impressive. To start with the voice acting, this is quite impressive and takes full use of the Mature rating with the constant use of some profound profanity. Besides the constant swearing the voice acting is above average. The in game sound effects are also impressive with some nice sound effects during the driving sequences.


Have you ever been to London? Well I haven’t but if you have this game is going to probably bring back some memories. If you have been to London I am sure you will be able to spot key landmarks that are depicted in the game. This is not a small portion of London, this is a big area to play in, and it is a lot of fun just to drive around the city and take in all of the great parts of the game.

The cars in the game are just beautiful. They are all licensed so you will be able to recognize all of the cars. Each car really depicts there true look and they look fantastic from the trash trucks to the Mercedes this is a great looking game.

The outside environments are impressive but while indoors it’s not the best in the world. All the indoor environments are plain and boring. There is just nothing in the indoor environments that are going to impress anyone.

The characters in the game are animated and look great. They actually used true actors and monitored their motions and facial expressions to use during the game. Each face and facial expression matches the actors who did the part for the game, which is quite a nice feature.

Fun Factor

This is not a game that is going to jump out at you as being a lot of fun for the first mission or so, but once you do get into this game it does become a lot of fun, and not to mention there is nothing like riding around London, and stealing cars. Although the missions can feel a little bit repetitive the in game movies really keep you in to the story and keep you interested throughout the game.


Like I said earlier, this is not Vice City, but it is a pretty solid effort. With some above average Gameplay, and nice Graphics, this is just an all around solid title that should not be overlooked.

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