The Great Escape


So many movies have been made into games that we have to just be accustomed to them. What we are not used to is a movie from a few decades ago being created into a game, especially one that most gamers haven’t even heard of. But I guess Gotham Games felt there was enough of a market to appeal to this title so they got the movie license and you have The Great Escape for the PS2, a game that has potential but fails to capitalize.


If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, and these movies seldom turn into good video games. For whatever reason, they always seem to fail to be anything interesting, and end up failing. Well with The Great Escape you have the same old good movie bad game scenario that will be sure to disappoint the Steve McQueen fans out there.

For the most part The Great Escape is a third person stealth title that although has some interesting ideas fails to make the game really feel "stealth". Besides the stealth you will also be doing some running around looking for things, which can really get boring after a while. Overall though The Great Escape is trying to be a stealth titles but there are a few problems that stop it from becoming one.

The one thing in stealth titles that you always are needing to know is whether or not the enemy can see you or not. In some games there are radars that show the line of sight, and there have been others with other techniques. Well in The Great Escape it’s not so easy figuring out whether the enemies can see you or not. I felt like a lot of the time I was just hoping to get lucky, and the guards would not see me.

You are given the basic maneuvers to try and make your way through the levels. The old Splinter Cell move where you come up behind an enemy and choke him is present in the game, but it really doesn’t work very well and will most likely end up getting you killed rather then you disposing the guard. It takes quite some time to really be able to get the skill of the sneak attack and even once think you have gotten it down you will find that the poor computer AI will act up and spot you anyways.

When you start the game and before each level there are cut scenes that tell the story. The story does follow basically the same lines as the movie, and from the cut scenes you will be given some objectives in which you are going to need to complete. The biggest problem I had with the game was how boring the objectives were. There was nothing about the game that made it interesting or even worthwhile to go through with.

I think the biggest problem of The Great Escape is not so much the game itself but the fact that we have already done all of this before and we have seen it done in a much better fashion. The stealth portions of the game are pretty well put together, but with games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell doing a lot better job it there is really no reason why this would excite you. There are some references to the movie, so if you really enjoyed the film then you would probably enjoy the game. But for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, you will find that the game plays like an unfinished one that will only be an annoyance rather then a good stealth/adventure game.


Right from the get go you will find that The Great Escape is one odd and dysfunctional looking game that will be a big turnoff for everyone that picks this title up. It is kind of odd that the developers would take such a different approach to making the game, and it ends up back firing into a pretty bad looking game.

When you start playing the game you will find that things really don’t feel overly smooth and things don’t move overly well. Everything in The Great Escape really feels lifeless and bulky. Not only does the game not feel good but it doesn’t look to great either. The character models are very scratchy and really have little to no detail on them.

Ok so far we are looking at a game that really doesn’t look very good, but when you had in a poor frame rate you are talking about one big mess. When there is a lot going on the screen at once you will find that the game slows down a lot and really leaves you to wonder what is going on.

Fun Factor

Well with pretty poor graphics and sub par gameplay you take a guess on whether or not this game will be fun or not. Well most of you have probably guessed it this is one of those games that just really isn’t a whole heck of a lot of fun to play. The game does feel really bulky and the animation really makes the game feel like it was not yet completed. The missions are pretty lackluster and boring, and you will start seeing the same type of mission repeatedly coming back.


The Great Escape is a game that takes the stealth genre and does the bare minimum to make a good stealth game. For the most part there are too many problems in the game to really recommend this title to anyone. But for those of you who are fans of the movies may find some reason to try this one. For the rest of us there is better stuff out there!

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