The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer


Out of all the different cartoons and animated movies out there, I have to say that The Incredibles is the perfect movie to bring to the video game realm. Playing as super heroes is nothing new for gamers and what better then to play as a family of them? So today we are going to check out The Incredibles: The Rise of the Underminer, which tries to take this series to all new heights. So can they make it there? Read our full review to find out!


Like I just mentioned, The Incredibles is just bursting with the potential for a great game. Unlike its decidedly lame predecessor that was just released to cash in on the movie’s huge success, you can see that developers Heavy Iron Studios have definitely put in some different ideas with this game. For one they took away a lot of the platforming elements and making this game a much more action oriented experience that puts more emphasis on the supers and their cool powers. But can they manage to use these abilities to further enhance the game?

So in The Rise of the Underminer you will find the game starts up right after the original, where this time you will be taking the roles of Mr. Incredible and Frozone, two of the more unique and "cool" characters of the bunch. Now why are there two characters you might ask? Well throughout the game the duo works together to go through the levels, and therefore you will be able to quickly switch between the characters to complete tasks. The reason for the duo is also to bring more diversity in the game, which is done quite often in children’s games.

The Rise of the Underminer is just a straight action game with some minor puzzles on the side. The game just has you go from level to level playing as one of the duo taking out bad guys and then moving on. The game really never tries to mix up the action, and while some of the moves that the two super heroes contain are quite cool, they do get repetitive after sometime.

Now one of the neat features that the game does have is the multiplayer support, which is possible through the duo of Mr. Incredible and Frozone. This is actually some of the more entertaining experiences in the game as you will have a lot more fun playing with someone else. In the end The Rise of the Underminer is an extremely short experience that an experienced gamer could finish in one sitting. Of course the younger kids will take a bit longer, but the gameplay just kind of feels bland and way too repetitive to encourage extended plays.


Visually The Incredibles: The Rise of the Underminer at first glance seems as though it has potential, but when you look at the final product it just seems like the developers missed some opportunities. The character models are an example of this missed opportunity, as they seem to have a decent amount of detail but they just don’t have a very fluid smooth look to them. The environments are the main source of the problem as these are really bland, not overly original, and needed a whole lot more detail. The animation works well and gets the job done, but similar to the gameplay, just didn’t do much to impress.

Fun Factor

Who doesn’t want to play as a super hero? I mean the idea of playing a game with someone who has extreme powers to me seems like a great key for success. But for whatever reason The Rise of the Underminer ends up falling short on almost every level. The combat and the gameplay work in the game but they never try to make the game feel different from any other action game on the market. Kids will find it cool at first to play as the two characters, but as time goes on, I believe even they will see there are a lot more fun games to play out there.


In the end, The Rise of the Underminer, like its predecessor, is just another big missed opportunity this holiday season. The gameplay works but is too short and repetitive, the visuals are rather dull, and just the overall feel of the game is just unimpressive. Parents wondering if they should pick this game up for their kids this year, I would have to say its kind of a toss up. If your kids are big Incredible fans, then sure give it a pickup. Otherwise you can take a pass on this one.

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