The Last Guy


The PSN has recently become the place to go for independent games that are definitely out of the ordinary, and The Last Guy is definitely not ordinary. The game features a top down Google Maps like view, and a promising idea of leading survivors from a zombie outbreak to safety. As interesting as some titles can be can it propel itself out niche only territory?


Well, unfortunately the answer is no, it really cannot. The game can be very fun but is very simple but at the same time extremely challenging which will turn many people off. As the Last Guy you go around these small portions of cities saving people by escorting them back to an escape zone and dodging various zombies while having a set amount of time to do so.

Things start off pretty easy with just basic zombies blocking your path, but as you unlock more levels the zombies get bigger, smarter, and faster and one touch and your dead. The difficulty ramps up rather quickly, and by the end of the 5th level things can get pretty frustrating especially with a time limit.

Personally I didn’t really enjoy the game very much, but I could see how someone could. The game does exactly what it set out to do, and that was to be a very simple sort of arcade throwback. It’s easy to pick up and play but very difficult to even pass when you get to the later levels which were most likely intentional but still rather frustrating.


The Last Guy features a unique set of graphics because it relies heavily on top down maps of cities and various other urban settings. Everything looks good but not great which was sort of disappointing. The maps are all rather similar, and the people just look like little dots which is to be expected.

The creatures in the game do look pretty good especially when you get to the later levels and vary from each other greatly. It’s unfortunate that most of the maps don’t feel like the places that they are supposed to represent because that would have been a great feature. It is tough to complain too much about the visuals given the style and it succeeds in looking decent throughout the game.

Fun Factor

This could be a major splitting point for The Last Guy because as I said before the game is intensely polarizing and seems to be directed at a very specific audience. It’s often frustrating, and simple gameplay can get in the way with having fun leading people to safety. To some this may be a whole lot of fun, and it will not take long to know if you like the game or not if you try it out which is something I definitely suggest.


The Last Guy is in no way a bad game. It is just too much of a love it or hate it title to recommend to all, and the best way to decide is to play the demo. It has an interesting premise and some cool ideas but is a bit too simple to really be great. The top down view could be cool with better map design that makes the cities more noticeable and less alike. Everyone should definitely try the demo out because to some this could be a very fun title, but to others could be a great disappointment.