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Ever since the introduction the Maxis award winning and best selling game The Sims was released onto the PC so many years ago, simulation games have become a forefront of PC Gaming with all sorts of new tycoon franchises and other simulation titles. Today we are actually going to check out a game that really takes the simulation genre somewhere it has never made its presence felt yet, into Hollywood. You probably have already guessed it, that’s right today we are going to talk about The Movies from Activision and Lionhead Studios. So is this game all it was made up to be? Read our full review to find out! There are a few major things that go into making a great simulation game and those things are a easy to use navigation system, comprehensive Gameplay mechanics, and last but not least it needs to be challenging but also a ton of fun. So could possibly The Movies have all it takes to be a great game?

To start out the game I would highly recommend everyone go through the tutorial as this is really a must to even have a chance at success in the beginning. One thing I realized however with the tutorial mode was that it was extremely short and didn’t really provide you with enough information to really get a firm grasp on how to do things in the game. So once you start the main mode of the game you get the feeling like you are in a new world with very little idea of what to do, only knowing that you need to breathe to live. So at first the game consists of doing a lot of trial and error.

The game starts out with you really first needing to build a movie studio with all the necessary amenities. You will need to hire staff like janitors and construction workers. Then you will need to make some actors and extra’s and even script writers. Right away you will realize that Lionhead Studios did not want to keep this game on the simple side so therefore you can expect a huge learning curve for trying to figure out the best way to get the most out of each position in the game.

There are a lot of variables to worry about in The Movies and this is actually one of the games problems. I mentioned up top that games are needed to be challenging, which is true, but you have to strike a happy median and this is one of the premiere struggles of the game. Not only do you have to get people to write, act, and direct the script. But you also have to keep them happy, improve there skills, and make a movie all in the process. This becomes a very daunting task, when this is only one half of what you have to do in the game. There is also the whole building of your studio which may sound easy but you have to make sure you keep up with the times and rake in plenty of revenue so to say the least the game can be very overwhelming at times.

If you remain patient with this game however it can bring in huge rewards. First off one of the great things about the game is that once you do create a movie you will then be able to view it. Now these may not be comparable to one of Ridley Scott’s or Steven Spielberg’s master pieces but they are actually quite good. Watching your work become a reality is actually pretty interesting, and although most of the movies come out very nice, the first few probably will be more of a laugh then anything overly impressive.

In the end the Gameplay of The Movies is really a mixed bag and really depends on your patience. If you can sit back and just take a few hours to learn the game then you will see some great rewards from this game. The Movies ends up being a game of patience, persistence, and if you try hard enough reward. Unfortunately in the way our society works most people won’t stick around long enough to really take in the games greater sides.

It is easy to just sit back and say that The Movies looks good but nothing more then that, but if you really take your time to see this game and see all of the great animation in this game, then you will see that the visuals are more then just good, they are great. First off you will need a rather powerful system to get this game even looking at half of its full potential. The character models in the game are varied and have quite a bit of detail to speak of.

The environments are nicely done, but what I think stands out the most to me is just the smooth solid feel of everything this game has to offer. There is nothing about The Movies that doesn’t look good and that is why I was so impressed with the presentation of The Movies.

When I went into The Movies I have to admit I was really expecting a much different experience from what I ended up finding the game to be. I really thought that this game would be on the easier side putting a heavier emphasis on creating movies. But instead this game proved to be a much more strategic game that puts more emphasis on management then creating movies. Unfortunately this decision in the development process ended up making the game a bit less entertaining then it had the potential to be.

In the end The Movies is a game that I would highly recommend to anyone who has a passion for strategy as this game has a whole bunch of that. It may not be as easy to get into as we all would have hoped but The Movies is still a worthwhile adventure nonetheless. If this game sound interesting to you and you know you have the patience to get into it, then go check out this game, but for those who are short tempered this is not a great option for you.

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