The Padre Review

The Padre is a voxel-style take on horror with callbacks to various elements from the golden age of survival-horror games. Anyone growing up with games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill will feel right at home with The Padre as it attempts to emulate fixed camera angles and blocky visuals of the past. You play as a demon-hunting and often wisecracking priest who has to venture inside a haunting mansion, ridden with all sorts of creatures of the night, to find the missing cardinal and unravel the mystery of the demonic power that you encounter along the way.

The premise of The Padre sounds good on paper, but as soon as you have booted the game, it all comes crashing down. Right off the bat, the game looks and feels unpolished due to the painfully slow and clunky controls. Things as simple as opening a lock can take a while as you fumble around its obtuse menu. The fixed camera and voxel visuals may make The Padre look like a decent retro-style horror title but the oddly disjointed gameplay will take you away from all the possible fun you may have with the game.

Many puzzles are not logically connected to the flow of the game. Granted, you also had to do weird puzzles in Resident Evil and Silent Hill to progress the story, but they made sense in the context of the game itself. Here, the puzzles are often set up ridiculously and solutions can often be quite nonsensical. The clues are vague and nothing is explained clearly. It doesn’t feel great nor rewarding to solve the puzzles.

The combat is a complete mess, thanks to clunky controls. More often than not, you will find yourself struggling more with the controls than the enemies you encounter. There is no incentive to engage enemies in combat, either, not because it’s a survival horror game, but because fighting is simply devoid of any fun.

If you die, you will be sent to a mysterious realm instead of giving you a true game over. You can come back to the world of living from the realm but the number of times you can resurrect is limited. This peculiar mechanic comes in handy because some puzzles are questionably designed to kill you instantly if you make a single mistake.

There are numerous technical issues as well. Once, I had to restart the game right after the title screen because the game refused to load and gave me a black screen instead. The input lag and frame-rate drops are frequent. Even doing a simple thing like going in and out of a room can be glitchy, as the player character would sometime go through the wall instead of the door.

The Padre tried to incorporate various ideas that can make a good retro-style survival horror game but it ultimately failed to mesh all them into one coherent experience. The puzzles feel disjointed and directionless and the controls are clunky. Not to mention, the overall mediocre experience is ridden with glaring technical issues and glitches.

Lv-99 simple sheep