So many times some of the best movies make their way onto the gaming consoles and totally flop. So when I first heard about The Thing, I was not all that excited about it. Well the 1982 horror movie has made its way to the PS2 and it really breaks the ground for horror movies coming to the consoles.


If you haven’t seen the movie before, don’t worry, the game actually starts where the movie ends. So for all of you who haven’t seen the movie here is a simple explanation about the movie. You are with a group of American scientists in the artic, who find aliens. So this is kind of your typical sci-fi horror game.

If you are looking for a pure action packed horror game then this may not be exactly what you are looking for. The Thing has a heavy mixture of an adventure/puzzle game along with some pure action.

You are the head of the team and it’s your job to keep an eye on your team, and make sure your team trusts you, as well as their mental health. You can see if your team is scared, calm, or just totally going insane, and trust me there will be times where your whole team is really terrified, and then you will need to give them some medicine/pills to calm them down. This is really the first the time this kind of feature has been used in a game, and it works pretty well. It makes perfect sense to put that in a horror game, because not all horror games have the fearless main character. I really felt that this brought a nice addition to an already fun game.

With this trust/fear meter comes a few problems. As the game starts to get moving you will find that many of your friends who had once been by your side taking on aliens, would soon turn out to be aliens. It kinda gave the game another creepy edge to it, but at other times it could be a come a bit of an annoyance.

Also as the game progresses you will notice that the game also starts to become a lot more of a challenge, and will become a lot more fun. There will be more aliens that come to attack you. This is where the action part of the game comes in, and this is really where the game shines.

With all that being said there is one last thing I would like to mention. You can use a video camera. This is such a neat little feature, you can zoom in on things that you might not think means anything, but when zoomed in upon looks very cool.

The controls at first are a little different then you would hope to find. Although once you play the game for about thirty minutes the game is pretty easy to do. Activating doors is done by the O button and the firing of a weapon is done with the click of the X button. The rest can be found out when you start the game. For the most part the controls will become extremely easy in less then an hour.

This is a game that incorporates a "LOT" of voice acting. I was very impressed with the voice acting. One thing I have always felt that good voice acting usually comes about from a good game. The voice acting was well done, and let me tell you if it wasn’t good this games overall score would have been dropped immensely.

The music is a little strange, but it works because this is a horror game, and scary music sounds weird.


I could see Computer Artworks really had a tough time trying to make The Thing look good. Usually things set in a cold environment never seem to look very impressive. The game is not graphically the best looking game ever, but for a game in which the setting is in the Antarctic this is a pretty impressive looking title.

Although you’re not always outside, in fact a lot of the time you will be in tiny huts or shacks picking up keys or maps, health, or even running away from the Things. Whatever the case may be when inside these buildings the game also is rather impressive. Great textures and fluid animations really impressed me.

Although not all was perfect with The Thing’s graphics. I was kind of surprised that the characters designs weren’t as sharp as I would have hoped. The aliens look pretty cool, but the aliens are also not as detailed as you would hope.

Fun Factor

For a lot of people this game will start out and will not amuse you. For others you will struggle for the first hour but then realize the fun involved in the game. The game gets more and more difficult through the game and by the end can become one extremely challenging game.


It really depends on what your taste is in games. If you’re a fan of the horror genre, then this is definitely one for you to pick up. If you’re just a casual gamer then I would be sure to put this on your rental list.

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