The Warriors

The Warriors


There are times where I wonder why Rockstar Games can’t just go out and make a clean wholesome game that actually can be played by everyone. However when they said they picked up the license for the old cult film, The Warriors I cannot say I was surprised as that was one of those movies that just took a bunch of gangs hating The Warriors in New York City. Sure this movie may have been popular in the late 70’s and the Early 80’s but can they possibly have a big enough fan base to turn this movie license into a great game? Read our full review to find out!


For those fans that are reluctant to play a game when they already know what’s going to happen, don’t worry as the game uses certain portions of the movie to further build on the experience. Throughout the game, you will get to see how this group got started and how everything came together before the movie. I have to admit that although I can’t say I am a huge fan of the film, I still found myself somewhat interested in how everything fits together. The game does a solid job of getting fans of the movie and people who have never seen the movie something to be interested in.

So what kind of game is The Warriors? Well I would consider The Warriors a pretty cut and dry beat em’ up style action game that really tries to combine some other ideas in order to create some diversity in the gameplay. Basically you will go through over twenty story-based missions and tons of side quests in order to complete this game. Whether you want to play by yourself or in co-op, the game works literally the same. Basically it is your job for the most part to eliminate all the other gang members who to would like to take you out.

There are some things however about The Warriors that separates it from the other similar games in the market. First and foremost, this game tries to get the whole street brawler feel down, and does a fantastic job of it. The fights in the game really feel like bare knuckled action fights that are just downright gruesome at time. You will find that many of the battles are also pretty massive with tons of different opponents to endure through. I must say that that the game gives you such a realistic feel of street fighting, that at times it can be a bit too real. One of the finer points of the game however, is the difficulty, which increases steadily throughout the game. You’ll find that the rival gangs become tougher to take out as the game progresses. This enables the basic combat system to actually feel more complex and helps the game continue to be intriguing.

Like I mentioned earlier, fighting is not the only thing that goes on in The Warriors, as the game also has some stealth, and a variaty of missions to go through. I must say that The Warriors allows a lot of gameplay outside of the main story mode with the side missions, which feels similar to GTA game. There are many things you can do outside the story mode and side missions, like workout and steal money and car radios. The game really doesn’t have a set time to complete, so you can indulge yourself in the side missions if you’re feeling adventurous.

In the end The Warriors is just a solid action beat em’ up game that to me was just a very impressive experience. Although not as revolutionary as Grand Theft Auto 3, The Warriors is a very entertaining beat em’ up title that has a solid story mode with a great ability to play in co-op. For any beat em’ up fan, the gameplay is truly going to be one addictive experience.


I must say that although the gameplay is great, the visuals sort of struggle to keep things really awe-inspiring. The camera at times can be frustrating, and doesn’t always work to the player’s advantage. While the character models are generally solid and features a lot of impressive detail, the environments don’t follow suit. Sure they were going for a grainy style like the movie, but even with that being said, the game still felt like it was missing some key elements.

The biggest upside for the presentation was the animation, which for the most part was spot on, giving very little frame rate problems and just an overall nice feel to it. With having that much commotion going on on-screen, you have to give the developers the thumbs up for at least keeping everything smooth and not allowing the presentation to be a huge burden on the game.

Fun Factor

As many of you already know, I am a huge beat em’ up action fan. Although I like strategy, there are times where I just want to let loose and wreck some havoc. And at times I felt like things got a little too "mature", but adults would certainly find it as a suitable avenue to vent some of that real-world frustrations. The developers over at Rockstar probably were the most successful in making both a solid lineup of story missions, along with some very entertaining side missions.


I was tossing and turning over whether The Warriors deserved an 8 or a 9 score. In the end I choose to give it an 8 because this game had all of these great things to talk about, it doesn’t offer anything technologically advance for modern gamers. However with that being said, The Warriors is an excellent action game that should not be passed up by any action beat em’ fan, or fans of the movie.

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