The Warriors


With any new videogame system we are often interested to find what it is going to do, and for the PSP we really wondered what type of product it was going to turn into. Where most were skeptical on whether or not the PSP was going to be able to cover full fledge games, however we have seen so many ports from different PS2 and Xbox games coming onto the PSP. Today we are checking out The Warriors, which was originally released on the PS2 and Xbox with great success. The big question is how this brawler would preform on the PSP. Read our full review to find out!


I usually like to throw out disclaimers whenever I feel that a disclaimer is needed, and in the case of The Warriors for the PSP, I would say that this is a game that is basically a direct port from the two console versions, with very little difference between the two. But I should say that if you have had a chance to play the game on either the PS2 and Xbox there is really no need to go re-check out the PSP version, unless you just need an extra fix of the game. But for everyone else, let’s get into The Warriors on the PSP.

So what kind of game was this classic cult film made into? Well I would consider The Warriors a pretty cut and dry beat em’ up style action game that really tries to combine some other ideas in order to create some diversity in the gameplay. Basically though you will go through over twenty story based missions and tons of side quests in order to complete this game. Whether you want to play by yourself or in co-op, the game works literally the same, and basically it is your job for the most part to eliminate all the other gang members who to would like to take you out.

There are some things however about The Warriors that separate it from the other beat em’ up style action games already out on the market. First and foremost, this game tries to get the whole street brawler feel down, and does a fantastic job of it. The fights in the game really feel like bare knuckled action fights that are just downright brutal at times. You will find that many of the battles are also pretty massive, with tons of different opponents to endure through. I must say that that the game gives you such a realistic feel of street fighting that at times it can be a bit too real. One of the finer points of the game however, is the difficulty, which increases steadily throughout the game, in the sense that gangs become tougher to take out. This enables the basic combat system to actually feel more complex and helps the game continue to be intriguing.

Like I mentioned earlier, fighting is not the only thing that goes on in The Warriors, as the game also has some stealth elements, and some other types of missions to go through. I must say that The Warriors is a game that allows a lot of gameplay also outside of the main story mode with the side missions, but also the open-ended approach that you would find in a GTA game. There are many things you can do outside the story mode and side missions, like workout and steal money and car radios. The game really doesn’t have a certain amount of time that it would take to complete, as it can take really a couple of times.

The big question when you’re talking about The Warriors was the transition from the consoles to the PSP. For the most part, The Warriors actually manages to use the PSP to its advantage. Even with such a small screen, the game still allows for hordes of enemies and allows a great deal of action throughout. The game has some slow steps that I noticed more so on my second go through, but for the most part the PSP version succeeds in every way that the console version managed to do well in as well. The Warriors controls pretty well for the PSP; there are some new camera issues that do come to play, and that is not mainly a developer issue but instead is more of a PSP limitation issue. Otherwise, The Warriors is a good solid game that manages to translate very nicely onto the PSP.


Although some will be disappointed that the same level of detail is not as strong on the PSP, however for a PSP title The Warriors does succeed. The one thing I noticed was that much of this game does have a dark setting and thus a good deal of light is needed when playing this game. Outside of that this is still a great looking action game that still retains much of its detail, and just a great style that The Warriors contained on the consoles. In the end, the visuals aren’t as strong as the consoles but for the PSP it does work well.

Fun Factor

I was a big fan of the console version, in fact I felt that it was one of the more under-appreciated games on the Playstation 2 and Xbox. The Warriors for the PSP remains a year and half later a great fighting game that does more than just become a button masher, but instead has some extra depth that works great for the game. This isn’t the most conventional PSP game, but if you haven’t had a chance to check this game out on the consoles, there’s no time better than to do that on the PSP.


The biggest factor behind The Warriors’ success has to be the retail price point of $19.99, which is as good of a price as ever for this game. Taking that into account, I could see someone arguing the point that this is a game was worthy of a full price point. With that being said, The Warriors is a great action brawler that would make any PSP owner a great bargain game.

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