The X-Files: Resist or Serve


Looking at the common trends in the video game market, we find that we rarely see TV Shows turned into video games. This is not to say there hasn’t been any; we have seen a few like The Simpsons, as well as Law and Order and CSI for the PC. Well now VU Games and Black Ops have teamed up to bring the second X-Files game to the market. Will X-Files: Resist or Serve be one to remember, or should we just watch the reruns, read on and find out.


I doubt many would remember X-Files, released way back in 1999 by Fox Interactive. To refresh your memory, it was a truly dreadful game, and a major disappointment for thousand of fans who waited for the chance to play a game based on the cult TV series. Now it’s making a comeback, with releases on both the PS2 and Xbox. You’ll be happy to know that Resists or Serve is definitely better than the previous effort, but still far from being a solid game on its own right.

The game starts off with you picking from two different characters, Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, in the little town of Red Falls, Colorado. Just like an episode from the series, Resist or Serve spins a bizarre and interesting tale, full of little twists and turns. The two agents are investigating two teenage twin girls who were suspected of witchcraft. Of course there is more then meets the eye. The story goes on in the game and is actually probably one of the biggest positives for the title.

Right from the start of the game you will find that Resist or Serve is a total rip-off of the Resident Evil series. Everything about the game resembles a game that seems like it was copy and pasted into the X-Files scenery. For those fans of Resident Evil you will probably be happy to know that Black Ops didn’t pull this rip-off as well as Resident Evil games have in the past few years.

Depending on which character you choose in the game will show you how your game will go. Either way you look at it, you will be going through a game that has quite a few puzzles that are clear-cut. There isn’t going to be in the game that will become overly challenging, so you will probably find yourself completing the game a lot faster then many would hope.

For those looking for a game to knock their socks off with horror and violence, this may not be the title for you. There are many aspects of the game that seem like they could be scary, but the environments does not match those found in horror games, such as the Resident Evil or Silent Hill series. Resist or Serve isn’t so much a game to scare you but instead uses a mystery-style storyline and mixes in some humor to give you an all around storyline and game. I personally liked the style in which the game was presented. The mix of different genres was a nice breath of fresh air, compared to the somewhat gory, gruesome, horror titles on the market today.

The one downside that holds Resist or Serve back is that the camera is not all that responsive and gets stuck at weird angles at times. The main issue is when you go the wrong way in a particular environment you will find that you will be totally out of the picture and lost in terms of where to go next.

Overall you are looking at a Survival/Horror title that really does some things well, but what it all comes down to, does the game make any strives to enhance the survival horror market? The answer is, you are looking at a title that plays in the average category.


One of the biggest downsides to Resist or Serve is the fact that the game doesn’t look good in any way shape or form. Compared to other Survival Horror titles on the market, you are going to find many fans of the genre to be quite disappointed in X-Files.

To start off with, the reason this is a major gripe, is with a survival horror game the only way you can be scared of something is if you can clearly depict what it is, and nothing is very clear in this game. The monsters have just a few variations in their models, which doesn’t scare you off at all. The environments also are quite disappointing, looking very cluttered, and poorly created, you will easily see why the camera would have issues.

All in all you are looking at a title that really isn’t doing anything well in the graphical department. If Black Ops decides to give the series another try, the better make sure to take some more time and put more effort on the graphics.

Fun Factor

For anyone who finds Resident Evil style games to be entertaining and fun, then you will also be at home with Resist or Serve. This game has some areas in which it could use some improvement, but the basics of the game are all there. While the gameplay is nothing to write home about, it does mark a massive improvement on the series last outing on the PlayStation, considering how awful that experience was.


For all of you X-Files fanatics out there who have been counting down the days to the release of the game, well your wait is over. My recommendation to all is to go out and rent this. The story is enough to make any X-Files fanatic excited, and the gameplay does a nice job of holding up its own.

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