Tied Together Review

Tied Together by Headup Games is the latest entry to Nintendo Switch’s ever-growing indie library. This unassuming title may not be a charmer among other, shinier games. However, it’s a solid cooperative puzzle-platformer with relatively interesting gameplay, provided that you have some friends to play together with, as the game is exclusively a couch co-op multiplayer.

You and your reluctant friends will play as lab-grown monsters created by mad scientists, who like to test your group performance in problem solving. Your goal is to successfully complete the tasks laid by the scientists. The problem is, both you and your friends will be tied together with an unbreakable link and you all need to work together to overcome the devious physic puzzles.

While this sounds like a fun idea, the frustration may come already in the beginning, as there’s neither single-player nor online multiplayer modes. The game only has a couch co-op multiplayer - either with two players or as a three-four player group. Unless you can find someone to play with you - or you trained yourself to use two controllers at the same time - you will be stuck not being able to play the game at all.

Two-player mode has 40 or so stages to complete while the group mode has 20 stages. The gameplay is very simple – each stage consists of a series of physic puzzles that require some thinking and teamwork among your friends to overcome. More often than not, you are required to find a key or two before you can reach the goal. Four players being tied together adds a layer of depth in solving the puzzles.

I must admit, these simple puzzles can become really fun and challenging to play with a group of people. As all players are tied together, one thoughtless action by your friend is all it needs to lead everyone to their doom. Even a simple task of jumping across some spinning gyros can become mission impossible when you - or your friends - fumble on timing and teamwork.

However, the game does not have a lot to offer in the long run. The stages are short and there are only a few variations between each of them. A decent group of players can beat the game in an hour or two. There’s not much to do once you have completed the game, except to replay the old stages to achieve better scores. Tied Together is a fairly entertaining co-op multiplayer game at core but marred by the lack of variation. Although not a long-lasting experience, it does promise moments of family-friendly fun.

Lv-99 simple sheep