Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06


I have always been a huge fan of the Tiger Woods series, which has consistently impressed in its every outing. In fact there have been so many different control and course changes that at times I have wondered where the series could possibly go from there. Well now the great one is back in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, which attempts to make even more changes to the controls to make an even more accurate golfing experience. So is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 worth the upgrade? Read our full review to find out!


The Tiger Woods franchise has been one of the more difficult series on the market because of the frustrating analog stick controls. It wasn’t that the controls were bad or anything, but they did take quite a bit of time to get used to. Those that were hoping to do away with the dual shock swing system, well this is actually back this year, but this time both analog sticks are going to be involved. You see, the right analog stick now controls where your club makes impact with the ball. This will in turn decide how the spin of your ball goes, whether you go for a fade or just to pull off some backspin. This allows for a much more accurate approach. Now this of course brings along some added difficulty, which takes some time to get used to, much like its predecessors.

The swing is not the only area in the game that has been changed from last year’s game, because the putting in Tiger Woods 06 has been changed. 06 does away with the Tiger Vision, and substitutes it into a new type of putting where they go back to the whole grid look, showing you the break of the green and giving you the option to give the best ball path. This kind of eliminates the challenge of the game, as once you get the idea of the grid down, then you can easily sink long putts.

EA has also brought in their GameBreaker feature from several other sports franchises. Basically, by consistently making good shots throughout the game, your meter fills up and gives you a GameBreaker. Now what is weird about the GameBreaker is that it really does not provide all that great of an advantage while using it. Sure you can easily sink a putt or make a long drive, but nothing that makes you "have" to work towards getting the GameBreaker.

The Rivals mode is also new to the series, but to say the least, it doesn’t really bring a huge new experience to the game. Basically you are given challenges to complete, whether it is just strictly putting or chipping or actually competing in actual stroke play, the Rivals mode seems like a good idea. However the mode itself just felt rather dry and pretty repetitive. You can see the developers tried and give you different challenges to complete, but what the mode really needed was some sort of story or season feel. After a while it just felt too routine, and thus the Rivals mode really never stuck out in my mind.

The online play has been improved in Tiger Woods 06 with the ability to play in foursomes on the course. Now this does take a while to get through, as four players playing golf is not easy, but if you’re with a group of friends then this is a really enjoyable experience. Other then that the PS2 doesn’t have much different in the online play, as it still runs at a pretty smooth rate.

Overall Tiger Woods 06 is not a game that makes huge improvements like last year’s game, which had some very big differences from its predecessor. The game still plays well enough to warrant a very successful gameplay experience, but in the end the game just doesn’t get where it needs to, to stand out from previous Tiger Woods games.


The visuals of Tiger Woods 06, for the lack of a better word, just don’t seem to have any new real life to them. To be perfectly honest with you, besides a few touch ups here and there, it seems to be the same looking game that we saw in the 05 edition. Tiger Woods himself still seems sort of sketchy on the PS2 and just doesn’t have the whole smooth look that you would hope the game would have. Also the courses themselves, which there are more of this time around, don’t have any added detail from the previous year. The visuals are not bad in 06, but it seems like the developers have gone as far as they can on the PS2. But hopefully next year they can at least get some smoother character models.

Fun Factor

Tiger Woods 06 is your typical Tiger Woods game, and if you have liked these games in the past you will enjoy this game. However the new swing mechanic that uses both analog sticks, in my opinion, wasn’t all that exciting. Some of the other new features in the game, like the new Rivals mode, although fun for the most part, just seemed like a different way of approaching last year’s Legends mode. The game has more depth, more courses, solid online play, and the same smooth game that Tiger fans know and love.


Tiger Woods 06 may not be the most revolutionary game the series has seen thus far, but it still is a solid experience that Tiger Woods fans can enjoy, as there are plenty of new courses to hack your way through. Tiger may have been having a great year in the real world, but his video game unfortunately doesn’t have the makings to make it one of the better Tiger Woods games in recent years.

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