Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


The holiday season is drawing nearer each day, and we are already starting to see an increase in the number of titles releasing out to market. One of the big games for the past few years has been EA’s Tiger Woods series, which has been not only a great golf experience but it has also been one of the only serious golfing experiences around. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is now upon us and we are checking out the game for the Playstation 2, which had pretty good success last year in 2006. The big question is with the Playstation 2 coming to the end of its life cycle, can Tiger Woods still manage to be successful in 2007? Read our full review to find out!


In recent years we have seen a common trend for the Tiger Woods games as they have gone away from being about new gameplay mechanics, but instead focuses into getting more content, which means more golfers, modes, and courses. Is this necessary a bad thing? No because thus far the Tiger Woods series has managed to give us a solid overlying gameplay mechanics along with really a massive fan base. The changes that have been done to previous games have just tightened up some of the loose ends, making the games even more realistic than before. But is the game becoming too much of the same’ Some have wondered if 2007 would be the tipping point for the series.

And to just answer that question/concern, I will say that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is another example of just touching up around the edges and just adding more and more content. One of the big numbers that stands out to me is 21. That is the number of courses that gamers have available to them to test their skills out on in this year’s game. That is just a massive number and you just feel so spoiled when playing this game. This is especially so for those who played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 for the 360 last year, which had a meager six courses. There are some new players this year, the only real big eye opener is the extremely talented Annika Sorenstam who has tore up the LPGA for years now.

In terms of gameplay modes, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 does have a lot of what we have seen in previous years, with some new modes added on top as well. There is a mode called Team Tour, which is new to the franchise. With this new Team Tour mode you get to use your created player in this tour mode that actually has some team play involved. So instead of just building up your character, you instead get to build up your team, who in the end needs to take on Team Tiger. The mode is interesting; although it’s not a huge improvement from past years, it works nonetheless.

One of the big aspects of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is of course multiplayer, and when we talk multiplayer we are of course talking about online play. The online play has a ton of different modes to choose from, and has daily tournaments and just a good deal of options to choose from. One of the disappointing aspects of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is the fact that ESPN integration just isn’t all that we expected.

In the end, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the PS2 is still a very good solid golf playing experience that combines both great gameplay mechanics and just a ton of great content. For those who are looking for major updates to the gameplay, well you may be disappointed, but for those just looking for another great Tiger experience you will find that on this Playstation 2 version.


Visually we are coming to an end on the Playstation 2, and it just seems like the developers tried cleaning up the visuals a bit and leaving them at that. There wasn’t a whole lot different in terms of visuals in 2007 than what we have seen in previous years. The new courses all look pretty good, with a good deal of detail and just keep the level of quality very good for the game. In 2007 we are definitely seeing just a slight improvement in the visuals, as developers shift focus on next-gen consoles like the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

Fun Factor

As much as you would love to just see a major overhaul in the modes, that is unfortunately not a huge part in this game. Sure there are some new match types, a great deal of new courses, and improved online play and all of this combined with the already great gameplay mechanics that have made Tiger Woods so dominant for years now. This game is just as fun if not more entertaining then recent Tiger Woods games, and with the huge lineup of courses, you just sit there in virtual golfing heaven. Could there be thirty courses next year?


Many say that Tiger is only so good because we have nothing to compare it to. And although there are some that say the old Links franchise had what it took to test Tiger. And until a point where Tiger does have a real rival, this is just hands down a must have golf game for any fan of the sport. Being a fan of the sport I have to say that this is a game that really doesn’t make me desire seeing other golf games, it is literally just that good.

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