Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters


The Masters is only days away and Electronic Arts has released this years iteration of their Tiger Woods franchise. Electronic Arts continues to use the Tiger Woods label even if his off the course discretions coupled with his lack of winning on the tour would make you think that the label is in jeopardy of being yanked off EA’s prestigious golf franchise. So to kind of take the focus of Tiger EA has added the subtitle “The Masters” which for the first time adds the infamous Augusta course to the series.


Last year the big addition to the franchise was the addition of the Ryder Cup mode. This year there are two big pushes. The first is obviously The Masters, which we will talk more about later. The second is the addition of caddies which for any fan of the sport we all know they play a major role in the success of a professional golfer. Before each shot the caddie will give you a few options and will then select the club that matches the shot along with the destination of the shot. For the advanced players you can just go and play your own shots without using the caddy.

The new addition is actually a pretty nifty innovation for the series. For a player like myself who isn’t playing the series all year long but enjoy picking it up and going through a few rounds the caddy really keeps options on the table. In years past I figure I would hit the ball as hard as possible without thinking of locations, laying up, or setting up for a better final shot. With the addition of the caddy you now get a better idea of what your options are and how they will impact your play on that particular hole. The implementation also manages to stay rather minimal by allowing you to quick select options and continue on your round.

Of course the big draw this year is The Masters. The inclusion of the coveted course is quite incredible both from the career mode to just playing a round at Augusta. Along with The Masters come both Jim Nantz and David Feherty who do a great job of commentating on the event.

All in all there isn’t a whole lot new in this years game. That’s OK though because the refinements that are included are quite impressive. I for one really enjoyed the inclusion of The Masters that really made the career mode feel like a complete package.


Visually not much has changed from last years game to this one. I will say that the developer’s recreation of The Masters is by far the biggest highlight of the game. You can see that the amount of attention spent on this course is much higher then anything else in the game. By doing that it continues to emphasize how important that course is to the game of golf. All in all it continues to be a beautiful game of golf.

Fun Factor

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters like last few games before it continues the long tradition of great golf games. This years game doesn’t add any “game changing” features but does add some pretty significant additions. I for one have spent most of my life loving The Masters so being able to take my virtual creation one golfs most coveted tournament it was quite the experience. Couple that with a caddy feature that actually works and you have a game of golf that is even more like the real game.


The addition of The Masters continues to push the Tiger Woods franchise forward. Although there were no major changes to the gameplay this remains to be an amazing game of golf.

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