Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

The last couple of outings for the Tiger Woods franchise have been interesting, to say the least. First and foremost there has been the constant question of whether or not Tiger Woods would remain the face of EA's golf franchise. In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, Tiger was left off the cover altogether and last year the cover was shared with rising star Rickie Fowler. This year Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is all about the past, and so we see Tiger sharing the cover with Arnold Palmer.

Right from the onset Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 makes a point of showing both the past and present game of golf. The highlighted new mode this year is the Legends of the Majors mode. In this, you will play as, you guessed it, the Legends of past majors starting in the late 1800's in Scotland and working your way to present day. The heavy emphasis is on the “Big Three” with Palmer, Nicholas, and Player, as well as the present day Tiger Woods. The glaring miss from this era of golf is still Phil Mickelson, who is not part of the game. The mode itself is actually pretty neat if you're a fan of golf like I am.

You play as these legends in the moments that made them the household names they are. Whether it's sinking a big putt or even getting out ahead of the pack on a Thursday morning, the mode has a ton of variety in the types of challenges it puts in front of you. These challenges can be as quick as sinking a big putt, or as long as finishing 18 holes with a certain number under par. Each challenge has two measures of success. You can get gold status which allows you to move on to the next challenge or you can legend it which is always more difficult. For example a challenge could be to recreate a -6 back nine, and to get legend you will have to get a -6 but for gold it might be -1. For a fan of golf like myself this mode was by far my favorite part of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

Back again this year is the Kinect support and not much has changed here. The same sort of problems I had with it last year remain this year. There just isn't a high enough fidelity to make this a fun mode to play as. For a more arcade golf game maybe, but for the Tiger Woods franchise this technology/implementation just doesn't seem to add anything to the experience.

Some of the other features are a little more behind the scenes sort of things. For the first time ever, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 has all four licensed majors. This may seem minor but when you're playing the career mode it is nice to compete for the real majors rather then the made up ones like in years past. Along the same line the game has also added some of the other licensed tournaments that happen week to week on the PGA Tour which just helps with the overall authenticity of the game.

The tried and true formula of past Tiger Woods games is back and alive here in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Not much has changed in the gameplay department, though there seems to be some finer emphasis placed on putting (either that or I have gotten worse since last year). Other then that the gameplay in this years outing is pretty much identical to what we have seen in year's past.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is still an excellent game of golf. I am a huge fan of the new Legends of the Majors modes. It has a ton of content and is one of the better pick up and play modes in a sports game. Although not a major update, if you're in the mood for more golf or may have missed a couple of Tiger Woods outings, this is a great one to jump back into.

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