Time Crisis 3


Time Crisis the series is where you duck for cover then shoot, and repeat. Namco is back with their fun shooting series with a lot of emphasis on shooting. When you look at the gaming world we see a lot of shooters, but not many of them allow you to use a Light Gun peripheral (like the GunCon2), to really get the feel of the game. Well for those of you who have been waiting for that new shooting title, Namco has delivered with Time Crisis 3, a fun shooting title for your PS2.


Time Crisis 3 is one of those games that is going for a simple approach, but does offer a story to go along with the game. The story features two agents sent to a little country in the middle of nowhere. The story as you can already tell is simple, and if it weren’t there you probably wouldn’t notice, because it really doesn’t have much of an impact on the game.

For those of you who haven’t heard Time Crisis 3 is a game made to be played with the Gun Con 2. Sure you could play the game with the controller, but you will not only be at a disadvantage, it really does take away most of the fun of the game, and therefore you will find that you won’t be enjoying this one very much.

The Time Crisis system is a pretty easy one to pick up and get comfortable with. You shoot and you duck, which basically limits the controls of the game to a few buttons. So for the normal gamer you should be good to go and ready to play the game in a few minutes.

One of the biggest update to this version of Time Crisis is the addition of a nice selection of new weapons. Not only do you get to use the pistol, but you are also able to use a machine gun, shotgun, and a grenade launcher. Ammo for these at the beginning of the game is pretty hard to come by, but as you get farther into the game you will find that it’s quite plentiful.

The game takes place in three stages, which is the equivalent to three boss fights. Unfortunately the game is really quite short and can easily be finished in one sitting, which is a shame. Once you get the basic duck and shoot concept down, this game can become pretty easy, and therefore it won’t take much time to complete the game. You can play the game by yourself (with a computer assistant), or you can play it with two players.

When playing the game by yourself your computer partner supposedly is out there to help you out, but instead he stands there and doesn’t really shoot much of everything, and leaves all the work for you. This isn’t a big problem, but if the computer is right there, the least he could do is help take out the weak enemies.

The gameplay of Time Crisis 3 ends up being everything you would expect from a solid shooter. The game has all the elements of genre down; and if you are looking for a solid shooter for your PS2, this is a great one. The action on screen is fast paced, high flying, and really in your face, the whole hour it will take for you to complete the game. Now I must say you will not be able to complete the game, the first time you pick it up, but give it a few tries and then you will have no problem getting this one done.


With a game as fast of a pace as Time Crisis 3 it’s really quite hard to judge whether what is going on the screen looks good or not. The Time Crisis series has never been a heavy graphic-oriented game, and usually relied on the gameplay to make up for the graphical faults, and in the end that’s basically what happens here.

Looking at Time Crisis 3 it is quite a nice upgrade from Time Crisis 2, and that can mostly be found in the amount of detail put in everything in the game. There is a lot more detail placed onto the environments, which really gives you more the sense that you’re actually at these places. The enemy models are also a bit better, also with more liveliness and more detail.

With all of the being said Time Crisis 3 is a decent looking title that is better the Time Crisis 2 but still has a long way to go to really become a great looking title.

Fun Factor

The one thing that all Time Crisis games have had in common is that they are a lot of fun. No matter how many times you play through Time Crisis 3, using the Gun Con 2 and playing the game really never gets old. Playing with a friend is only fun when using the I-Link to give both player s a full screen to play on, because splitting a screen is just not all that great. If you enjoy shooters then you are going to have fun with this one.


Time Crisis 3 is yet another solid installment into the Time Crisis series that will not disappoint fans of the series. If you enjoy playing shooting titles, then you will definitely get your money’s worth in Time Crisis 3.

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