I have always been a big fan of science fiction in the world of video games. Today we are checking out a game that combines both a science fiction storyline with some interesting twists on FPS gameplay. The big punch line for Timeshift for the PS3 is the ability to control time and having that play into the world of a first person shooter. Does Timeshift have what it takes however to use the ability to control time to its advantage? Read our full review of Timeshift for the PS3 to find out!


There is no doubt that this quite possibly could be the strongest holiday season for shooters in a great deal of time. In fact it quite possibly be one of the strongest holiday seasons for video games in a long time. So for a game like Timeshift which may not have gotten all the front page publicity like other games this holiday, it comes to the market with a bit of an unknown element. But with any game that has you controlling time, there is one thing you can always remember, you can never count them out, they always have the high potential for greatness.

A big element to Timeshift is the story, although unfortunately as you can see the emphasis of the story the implementation was a bit lackluster. The basic premise is that your this physicist who gains access to this really special suit that allows you to real test time. The story itself actually is very mysterious but it goes a bit to far in the deep end if you catch my flow. It is one of those titles that although you are interested to see what is going on, you sort of loose that interest as the game precedes. In fact because a lot of the questions in the game are not answered, it really doesn’t capture you into the game like it was trying to do.

So the big bullet point with Timeshift is the ability to shift time (hint the title). Not only can you go Max Payne and do bullet time but you can literally rewind or fast forward time to avoid big explosions oncoming enemies, you name it. The game uses the time element from the moment you start the game to the ending credits. They work the time control into a lot of different small puzzle like elements and requires you to use it to get through certain stages of the game. The actual implementation of the feature is actually not to bad. It does take some time to get used to everything, and you may not necessarily first hand think to use the time control at the early areas of the game but it all works out in the end.

I am sure one of the primary concerns for the developers of Timeshift was the controls, which from what I could tell were trying to make things as simple as possible. The controls work, but do take some time to get used to. You have the ability to choose what sort of time control you want to use or to press the back left bumper to have it pick which one it recommends.

Timeshift also includes multiplayer which you expect for a first person shooter such as Timeshift. They brought the time shifting element online into  very old school arena aspect that actually works quite well. I had no trouble on the Playstation Network finding a game to get into, nor did I experience any lag or problems online. The game has all of the standard match types including some of there own, and has quite a bit of content online. It is not an overwhelming experience by any stretch but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Overall the gameplay is good, but there is no standout points to this game. The time shifting elements are very good, nicely implemented, but also overused. Timeshift also has some issues with variety in the single player where things really feel like just a consistent rehash playing something over and over again. Overall though Timeshift is a good solid FPS that has some great ideas, some good implementation, and an overall good performance.


Visually Timeshift is a bit more choppy on the PS3 over the 360 version. Both versions are petty good except the PS3 version just doesn’t seem to flow as well as you would hope. The game has some very good looking environments and the character models are actually pretty solid as well. The big problem with the game is the fact the frame rate  on the PS3 version which seems to dip a bit to often. Overall the game looks pretty good and gets the job done.

Fun Factor

Timeshift is definitely a mixed bag of very good and some not so good. First and for most the game visuals work very nice and give a good vibe for the rest of the game. The single player experience has its moments but has far to many where you either felt like you have already done this, or that things just were loosing there flare both feelings I had throughout the single player campaign. Multiplayer wise I enjoyed it, it had a bit different of a feel then other FPS online, but yet still remained competitive.


I think it is going to be tough for big FPS fans to pass up other big blockbuster games for Timeshift. But I would recommend if you want a bit of a change up from your typical FPS, Timeshift isn’t a bad shooter. Overall a good game, but not something that is going to make it out of the shadows of the other big blockbusters on the market, even if it can control time.

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