TimeSplitters does offer a story mode, eventhough I wouldn’t call it that. It’s more like a training level with objectives.It’s kind of boring, but necessary to unlock a lot of the extras. There’s really not much else to the story of TimeSplitters. The basic ideal in each level is a mission to find an item and then take it back to where you started and really nothing more. But no one was expecting a great or even half way decent story line from this title anyway, so let’s get on to the other issues.


The reason most people who enjoy FPS is because of the gameplay. This is the area where TimeSplitter really has to shine, and I must say that it does. Like any other FPS, you first have to find a controller setting you feel comfortable with. Once that is done, you’re ready to move to more fun and innovative aspects of TimeSplitters, such as my favorite feature of the game, the map editor. This feature basically lets you create you own level and then go play in it, which is just one of the coolest things ever put into a FPS. The gameplay is also made better by the wide variety of weapons> Every generation from the 1930s to the 2030s is represented with a weapon, which ranges from a pistol to laser to... there’s so many I can’t remember. Other than that, TimeSplitters is you basic FPS with a few unique and innovative features and a killer multi player mode thrown in for good measure.


For the most part, the game looks really sharp and crisp. The backgrounds are solid and very detailed - even the glass windows in this game are impressive, because depending on where you shoot, the window the glass will break differently almost every time, which is just cool. The frame rate does tend to drop slightly when you’re in a large room or open space in the level, but its really not too noticeable. A few of the character’s bodies just look plain weird - from the skinny neck to their eerie faces. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but I seriously doubt it. But for the most part TimeSplitters is sharp and solid looking.

Fun Factor

This game is more fun then grand pa’s dirty underwear on a Sunday. Well, maybe not that much fun, The map editor is simply addictive and fun to play with. You can literally spend hours and hours trying to create the perfect level for multiplayer fun, plus the wide selection of weapons and you got a game that will keep you occupied for awhile.


Overall, TimeSplitters is a sharp and solid looking game that offers a few very innovative features, killer multiplayer action and a large range of weapons for you to use. You should buy this game if you’re looking for a killer FPS and if Unreal Tournament does not meet your requirements, or if you really creative and would like to show off your skills by creating you own levels. You should not buy this game if you dislike FPS or hate violent games.