Timesplitters 2


When we look back over the beginnings of the PS2 one of my first favorite games of the system was Timesplitters. Although it was not perfect it was a nice looking First Person Shooter that showed a lot of potential. Now the extremely highly anticipated game Timesplitters 2 has been released, and it is damn near perfect.


For all of us Nintendo 64 owners many really need to thank Free Radical for bringing us reasonably one of the best games of the N64, this being Goldeneye. Goldeneye had brought us endless hours of excellent single and multiplayer action. Now Free Radical has decided to create another First Person Shooter, and this time it’s with Timesplitters 2.

The one thing that the first Timesplitters did excellently was definitely the multiplayer action. The one thing that lacked in Timesplitters was definitely the Single Player mode. This time around you can see that Free Radical put an extra amount of work on the Single Player mode.

In this edition of Timesplitters you can see that they really wanted to make a better single player mode, and for the most part they got the job done. Timesplitters 2 really follows the same type of format as Goldeneye, in which there are only 10 levels in the whole game. This may not sound like much, but the amount of objectives that you need to accomplish in each level could extend the length of the levels several folds.

The single players is pretty easy on the easy difficulty mode, but trust me as you go up in the difficulty, the game really does become a lot more difficult. Although playing in these lower difficulties also means you will miss out a lot of the levels, and only play portions of them. This is really a good idea, so it gives the game a lot more replay value.

Really what Timesplitters is known for is there multiplayer modes. Probably some of the most devastating news to come out on the PS2 this year was that Timesplitters 2 was not going to have online support. So once I really got over this (trust me it took a while) I got onto playing this almost perfect multiplayer mode. There are several different types of mode you can play as. The only poor thing I can say about the multiplayer mode are they have to have a split screen. Other then that this is one perfect multiplayer mode.

One of the best things about Timesplitters 2 is really the controls. They are perfect. Exactly what you would want for the game. The controls really are very fluid and work very naturally. One of the best parts of the controls was the ability to customize them whatever way you would like.

Timesplitters 2 really takes a nice mix of music throughout the game. The music is really nice and helps the game even more. The sound effects are also pretty impressive, and work very nicely with the overall gameplay.


The original TimeSplitters was really a pretty dull looking game, although developers Free Radical made sure this is not the case this time around. Timesplitters 2 is one of the best-looking First Person Shooters to hit the PS2. The characters of Timesplitters 2 are really some of the most detailed things you will see on the PS2. The backgrounds follow the same path and are extremely well drawn out.

Everything in the game flows very fluidly. The animations are perfectly smooth, and there is never any slowdown. This is still not going to be the best looking game on the PS2 but it definitely gets the job done in a very nice fashion.

Fun Factor

Timesplitters 2 is really one of the most fun games I have played this year. The Single player mode is very much improved and is actually fun this year, and the multiplayer mode is what just makes this game great.


I really enjoyed this edition of Timesplitters. The multiplayer and single player modes are both very well done. The controls are perfect, and the game boasts some great looking graphics, and some nice sounding music. This brings to one of the best games of the year. The only thing I found holding the game back from becoming a perfect score was the taking out of the Online play. This is one of the few games this year I would highly recommend to buy.

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