Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike


There are so many different third person squad based shooters out on the market today, that it really can be hard to choose which one to pick up and purchase. One of the more popular third person shooters out on the market is the Ghost Recon series, which has been known for very smooth tactics as well as great artificial intelligence. Well since Ghost Recon 2 was released with great results, fans have been really hoping for something new to come from the series. Well now Ubi Soft has released a sort of expansion that adds more missions and more variety to an already solid game. So does this mean Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike is a great game? Read our full review to find out!


The Ghost Recon series has always been one of the more popular squad based shooters out on the market for a number of reasons, but mainly because it is an easy game to pick up and play. It also is a game that has always been solid in the multiplayer category. So the series really stood out on the second game, which was released not to long ago because of how solid the experience was. Well with the success of Ghost Recon 2, Ubi Soft has decided to work off that great game and add more missions and more variety with Summit Strike.

Of course Ghost Recon has always been great both online and offline, and to start this review we are going to discuss the single player campaign in the game, which usually for most of us works as a training session for what to expect online. The campaign in Summit Strike is very similar to Ghost Recon 2, in that the story is very political and is very interesting. What is interesting about Summit Strike is that its not really an expansion per se, as you don’t need Ghost Recon 2 to play this game, and yet this game shipped for a typical expansion pack price. With that being said, the eleven missions that comprise of this games single player mode, which I found to be extremely impressive.

This game actually improves upon Ghost Recon 2, as it allows even more choices into how to go about going through a mission by taking a much more open-ended approach. The AI in the game also is more impressive this time around, and although there are still room for improvement, it is top notch in comparison to other games on the market.

Of course Ghost Recon is not all about offline but more so about online capabilities, and Summit Strike comes through in fine fashion in this category as well. What is neat about Summit Strike is that it takes all of the great modes from Ghost Recon 2 and adds two more great modes - Heli Hunt and Armor Strike. Both of these new modes don’t really do it for me unfortunately, although I’ve taking quite a liking to the Armor Strike mode, as it is a team versus mode with tanks scattered around the map. The multiplayer mode is still great and there are a little details that have been improved in Summit Strike. I must say that the multiplayer has been very impressive and ran smoothly through all of my experiences online.

Overall Summit Strike has been extremely impressive, especially with the lower price tag. The campaign mode isn’t overly long, but with the depth in the multiplayer mode, you can expect that you will be very busy playing this game on Xbox Live.


The visuals in Summit Strike actually have been greatly improved from Ghost Recon 2, and that is pretty surprising once again considering that this game is kind of just like an upgrade to the series, the visuals still have been upgraded quite a bit. First off the character models have been greatly improved with a lot of great detail and a great use of color.

The environments in Summit Strike are also improved from the previous game as well. I was impressed with Summit Strike in how they really improved a great deal from Ghost Recon 2. The amount of detail and color that has been put into the environments was honestly amazing, and to be honest this game moved from a good looking game to a great looking game.

Fun Factor

When you realize that Summit Strike is not a full priced game, then the game feels like even more fun because you get so much out of the game with its very extensive offline and online gameplay as well as it very impressive visuals. There is so much depth to this game and the mere fact that you don’t need to have the original Ghost Recon 2 game to play Summit Strike is even more of an added bonus. This game was fun from start to finish and has so much depth that it will be on a lot of people’s Xbox library for quite sometime.


Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike is a great game, especially for its low price tag of $29.99, you are really getting a great deal on this game. I must say this game has a lot of depth and even better visuals then before. If you like the Ghost Recon series or squad based shooters then you need to go pick up Summit Strike as it is truly a great game and a great deal.

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