Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2


There is no doubt that the Tom Clancy label has made its mark both in the book world as well as the video game realm. Tom Clancy novels have had such a great acceptance among readers for years now that the transition to video games seemed like a perfect way to bring his books to life. And thus far it has worked out superbly. One of the first big series under the Tom Clancy label was the Rainbow Six label, which now take its second crack at sin city in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the Playstation 3. Does this game have what it takes to keep this series going on solid ground? Read our full review to find out!


In the holiday of 2005, the Xbox 360 got the release of Rainbow Six’s first entrance into the next generation of consoles with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, which not only earned solid scores from my fellow journalists but also was a fan favorite. Putting the Rainbow Six universe into Sin City was a risky venture, sort of like putting your student loans at the hand of a roulette wheel, however unlike most starving college students, the risk paid off. I would venture to say it was one of the best Rainbow Six titles in the series historic and spectacular run. But can the game keep the magic alive with its second trip back to Sin City, should it really have tested its luck?

So what’s new in Rainbow Six Vegas 2? Well I wouldn’t say that there has been a major overhaul from the first game, but rather improvements when needed. The developers added a new perpetual character system, which basically means no matter where you play the game it will keep track of your experience points and those will carry over in each mode. In short your work done throughout the game will have an impact on all of the modes in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a welcomes addition.

The big thing I liked about this game is that it really doesn’t stray away from what worked. I think often times developers feel as though they need to add a slew of new features to each game iteration, and often times what you enjoyed about the original experience is lost in a sea of bullet points for a press sheet. This isn’t the case with Rainbow Six Vegas 2, as outside of a few new features this is still a very familiar game that fans of the original are going to enjoy just as much as the original.

The only other notable changes to the game is the ability to sprint. Now if you’ve never played a Rainbow Six title before you might be wondering why I would even mention that. Mainly it’s because running in a Rainbow Six title is rather unheard of, however the implementation is fantastic. For those skeptical about the implementation let me assure you that the game doesn’t feel any less strategical because of this, in fact I would argue that the tactics are a bit stronger in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 then they were in the original something I think that really helps this game.

The only issue I had with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was that the AI, similar to what we saw in the original, is still lacking. However any AI problem are eliminated when you go online for multiplayer and co-op. What I found for the most part was that the experience seemed to run a lot smoother this go around. There are twelve maps which come as either brand new or re-created maps from previous games. The online play both for co-op and online multiplayer is fantastic and you can see how you could lose hours upon hours playing through this mode. I once again have to hand it to the developers for not straying too far off the proven path and sticking with a lot of what worked with only improving things that seemed to need it.


For whatever reason it doesn’t seem as though the visuals have the same quality as the original. That is not to say that this isn’t a gorgeous game; it’s just that not much has been improved upon. I did think there was room for Ubisoft Montreal to improve the experience here. Detail would be the most needed improvement as there are still a lot of bland segments in environments, and just a lot less variety than what we saw in the environments in the first game.

Fun Factor

There is no doubt in my mind that for those of you reading this review and enjoyed the original Rainbow Six Vegas then you’re going to continue to enjoy this one as well. For those who may be looking for a new experience from this game, you won’t necessarily find a ton of new, but more improvements on what was not working before. I would have liked to have seen more original multiplayer maps and not retooled maps from previous games, but when it all boils down this is still a fantastic and enjoyable tactical shooter.


Whether a big fan, or just someone who is interested to see what all the fuss is about, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 delivers a stellar experience. Needless to say if you have a thing for strategy and shooters, this game will impress both online and off. I would say is one of the few must have games for early 2008.

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