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Toxic Grind

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


When I look over the genre of Extreme Sports for the most part (excluding Dark Summit) have really not have much of a story line to them. Well really if you have heard anything at all about Toxic Grind it’s that it is a BMX Game with a plot. Ok that’s great it has a plot but it still has to have good gameplay to go along with a storyline, and that my friends is where Toxic Grind fails to deliver.


To start with I will talk about the story/plot of Toxic Grind. This is a game set far, far into the future, 2086 to be exact. When all extreme sports have been announced illegal because of the danger they have brought to society. The name Toxic Grind is actually a show where Bikers go head to head, putting their lives at stake if they were to lose. Logically when you think about this if you have all of your bike riders dying, in a little bit all of your BMX’ers are going to be well, dead. So the show steals a Time Machine and brings BMX riders from the present to the show.

You play as Jayson Hayes who well has to ride for his freedom. If he does not do enough tricks the poison the show has injected him with will end up killing Jayson. So from there you are brought to the show and it’s your job to pretty much keep Jayson alive!

Well if you have played any extreme sports game before Toxic Grind really follows the normal profile of extreme sports games. You complete levels by completing goals. I have only one thing to say about this, and this goes for all Extreme Sports games, please find something more entertaining, I really don’t want to search for things on my bike looking for objects. To me it’s really not the most entertaining thing to do, and to be honest it really has been used enough, and therefore I think it is time for something new.

There are a few different modes you can choose from, including the normal arcade and multiplayer mode. There is a pro circuit mode in which you can compete in any level and play in a little competition where the best average score wins. To wrap it all up of course you have the Underground Mode (story mode) in which you will watch the plot go through it’s own twists and turns until finally it all comes together.

The story mode is truthfully the only mode I really found worth playing for more than ten to twenty minutes, allthough after that time I really didn’t find much to do in the mode either. There will be times where you ride around to complete goals and other times where you have to play a few mini games on the show. The only problem is these "mini games" are just plain boring.

For the most part Toxic Grind plays like every other extreme sport game on the market. The controls are identical to all the rest, so there really is not going to be any thing tricky about the controls or the way the game handles. For the most part if you have played Tony Hawk, or Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX, then the controls and handling of the game will be quite simple.

When listening to the game’s music I just wonder why, the in game sound was so boring. I really just think Blue Shift felt that you can just listen to your own music, and for that I thank them for leaving that feature in without that the game would have been even worse off then it already was. The sound effects for the most part are decent, although nothing was done to make it great.


Alright, at first look Toxic Grind is really just an average looking game. The character designs are pretty lackluster, plain, but adequate. Although once you get a little ways into the game you will find that the level design is just plain boring. It really appears that the levels design took a backseat. The levels became very repetitive and for the most part are much uninspired.

The cut scenes are shown through comic book sequences. For the most part the comic strips get the point across, and it worked rather well.

Fun Factor

When I first started Toxic Grind and played it for only ten to twenty minutes I found that this game really just wasn’t up to par with the other BMX games on the market. The Gameplay is just a little weird, and the graphics are just not up to what you would expect or want from this type of game. The multiplayer mode can be fun for a little but it really just doesn’t seem to have much to it.


For the most part Toxic Grind is just not a good game. The Gameplay is average and the sound and graphics are well below average, combined to make this game not overly enjoyable. The story does keep you semi interested in the game but it really doesn’t make up for poor Gameplay. This is just a game that nothing seemed to go Blue Shift’s way and therefore I wouldn’t recommend this one.

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