Treasure Planet


With the movie just right around the corner, Treasure Planet has just been released for the PS2. For all of you who were tough enough to play Monsters Inc, you know why I was extremely skeptical when it came to the game. Can Treasure Planet overcome all the problems that Monsters Inc had? To put it nicely, no.


So far it seems like my theory of movies that try to become good games never works has held up so far in my life as a game reviewer. Very seldom have I found a movie game to be anything worthwhile. Well Bizarre tried a few new things with Treasure Planet to try and give the game more appeal then the others the only problem is the ideas really didn’t work out.

In Treasure planet there are two main sides to the game. There is the platforming side, where you will roam around jumping platforms, breaking boxes, and solving various puzzles. The other side of the game is called Solar Surfing, which is exactly how it sounds - surfing up in space.

I will start by giving my comments on the Solar Surfing, which was really the worst of the two. This really takes all the good in the extreme sports games and throws them out, and uses all the bad. While riding in space everything seems very glitchy and there are really some problems with the game when you crash. So overall the Solar Surfing is just plainly not fun.

The platforming portion fairs a little better then the Space Surfing but not by much. For the most part the puzzle solving and the hopping around feels fine, and fighting the bad guys is not really too bad either. The biggest problem is that everything feels much uninspired, and that nothing moves very fluidly. When you compare the platforming games of late (AKA Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank) to the gameplay of Treasure Planet, they just don’t seem to compare.

Controlling your character in Treasure Planet could have been done in a breeze, but with all the glitches it really made the game seem a lot harder. Although, glitches aside, the controls while playing the platform portion of the game are pretty easy.

The sound in Treasure planet was probably the best part of the game. The voice acting was very well done. The character sounded excellent through the cut scenes, in, and between levels. The sound effects are not as impressive but still done decent enough to get the job done.


Treasure Planet is one of those games that just don’t do anything good at all. The graphics are probably the biggest disappointment in the game for several reasons, but mainly just because it looks so poor.

With such a nice looking movie they sure didn’t do a very good job with the character models. The character models are just very blurry and plain. The environments are a step above the character models in some cases but in others they follow the trend of being very plain.

Fun Factor

There was really very few times where I actually enjoyed playing the game, and when I did enjoy it, it was only for a short period of time. The platforming portion of the game was definitely the better of the two, which should really tell you how bad the Space Surfing is.


This is another case of a movie turning out to become a horrific game. There is nothing in this game that really makes it worthwhile. There are a lot of other games out there where you can get a lot more for your money. My only hope is the movie turns out a lot better then this did.

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