Turok: Evolution


With the third edition of Turok really going off track from the series, it was really not surprising to me that Acclaim went back to where Turok was successful and therefore it goes back to the old storyline of the lost lands.

You play as the character Tal’Set who was first introduced in Dinosaur Hunter, and Turok: Evolution plays as a prequel to the game. I truthfully feel though that the storyline takes a back seat in the game.

You begin the game as Tal’Set setting out on another journey, with a very limited warhammer, and bow. This will all change in time but at the beginning you start off with very limited weapons so the games pace will act much slower, and even boring during the first bit of the game.


One of my biggest problems I found with Turok Evolution was the lack of fighting with the actual Dinosaurs; you actually end up mostly fighting a heavy load of human lizards. I don’t know about you but when I am going to play a game of Turok I want to be shooting some Dinosaurs - that is really the main reason Turok has been popular. Please though don’t get me wrong you do get to shoot them, but it’s mostly just for defensive purposes.

Turok plays like a normal fast paced first person shooter, when you get to the later levels of the game, it can actually becomes quite difficult, and the real first person shooter comes out of the game. It does take a little bit though to get passed the boring use of a pistol and warhammer.

The single player campaign mode could have easily been a standalone game by itself, with 15 complete levels and sever sublevels. Turok is not going to be one of those games you are going to beat in a day, but with this comes many headaches and at some points Turok can become downright difficult.

Of course with a first person shooter you really have to have a multiplayer mode in the game, and Acclaim really did a pretty good job on it. The multiplayer mode is also very customizable so you and your friends can have a good time player whatever type of multiplayer kind of match you would like to. There are several different game types to choose from including a Deathmatch, Modified Capture the Flag, and a few others that can really keep you going for hours. My one problem with the multiplayer mode is that there are no online possibilities. I really feel with the Xbox Live just around the corner there is no reason why they shouldn’t have had online options with a first person shooter.

Turok is one of those games that controls are really something you need to learn early on in the game and after that your set, and if you’re familiar with Halo’s controls, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all getting started with Turok.

Turok does an above average job with the sound effects, and at some points of the game it really is just amazing. With 5.1 Surround Sound support some of the action sequences can really start to get into the game. The overall sound effects are pretty impressive, although there are still a few technical flaws that do hold the great sound effects back.


Acclaim has always had there hands full when it came to scaling the Dinosaurs correctly to you, and with this installment of Turok they did an excellent job of it. Although in this Turok the Dinosaurs really play as a background in the game, and really just try to set the mood for a Turok adventure.

Turok does a great job with all the little minor things that really help the make the game an excellently detailed one. The detail of Turok is mostly shown during the combat portion of the game, where you get to see the blood and guts of the animals fly everywhere.

All is not perfect in the game of Turok; the game really starts to show its ugly head in the landscapes of the 15 levels. They are not what you would expect for a next generation console. They really start to look pretty ragged, and one of the biggest faults is the invisible walls, I really thought we were done with those, but Acclaim has brought back. This can become very irritating when you think you are going the right way and an invisible wall pops up.

Fun Factor

Turok can be a lot of fun, and it can be one huge headache. The multiplayer mode is where I found most of the fun I had. I found that the campaign mode can be fun at times, but the overall effect of Turok. Turok can really become fun when you get into a level in which you’re doing well, but that doesn’t happen a lot. In fact a lot of time you will find yourself lost, or just being killed. The multiplayer mode is really the only portion of the game that is constant fun.


This is another above average first person shooter with a lot of great things going for it, but at the same time, it can become a rather large headache. The multiplayer mode is really what keeps Turok together. Although if you are a fan of the First Person Shooter genre then I would highly recommend picking this up, but if not it’s well worth the rent.

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